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I was asked what I liked most about my previous employer and what I liked least.

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I felt the wage level was too low for the hours and responsibilities. I did like the folks I worked with.

How long have you dispatched trucks?

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Tell me about a time that you had to make a split second decision.

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In the letter you must submit what job title you are seeking in the company as well as your college education. They also want to know your career plans for the future within the company.

If you could be a color ,what color and why?

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Name a situation in which you were challenged and could not overcome it?

Do you think that you can keep up with the schedule and be on time?

Nothing out of the ordinary for management position. Give example of when you handle a difficult situation with an employee. Give an example of when you implemented process. Explain a time when you handled a difficult situation. Why should we pick you? Give us a brief overview of your resume.

Some of the detailed questions were vague so I had to kinda guess as to what was really being asked or asked for more clarification. Can't remember any specifics.

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