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IOS Lead Developer was asked...December 2, 2015

Basic Objective-C, Cocoa Touch questions

1 Answers

I done well in the interview and got the offer. However, then face all sorts of mismanagement and face all negative situations. I am very sure, they will not be able to handle H1B candidates as their immigration team is worst and in future you will only regret. Also, for all small things their CEO/CFO/COO will come in the picture even in recruitment process !!! Also read the penalty clause if you don't complete 1 year and I have heard that is their trick to fell you in trouble and start black mail. My strong suggestion is don't ever think to be part of Photon if you have a job! Less


Explain the software development lifecycle? Explain your experience with VPN. Many many questions about specifics about my lead developer experience.

1 Answers

This was a very very fast paced interview which went ok, but was very long and thorough in terms of leadership experience. Less


What’s the coolest app you have built?

1 Answers

Showed off one of my own apps I had polished up.

Plenty of Fish

In our assignment that you didn't have enough time to complete and was given 7 minutes late, what was the thing you found most difficult?

1 Answers

Managing time and leaving frivolous animations to the end.


Quelle boite de nuit tu préfères à Berlin ?

1 Answers

Le Sysiphos


1. How do you solve - if you app has to make 10 api calls at launch and it takes a lot of time to return and the data is not updated frequently, so how will you handle this for reducing the time taken by api. 2. Maximum water that can be stored between two buildings

1 Answers

for question 1 - I tried to explain all the possible solutions we can do to handle it. like reducing latency, tried to explain how we can solve it if the data is big, how we can solve it at app level by implementing a local DB, how we can try to solve it by implementing network level cache, apis returning the data that has changed, how we can go to local first approach. But the answer the interviewer wanted to hear was that we can make another api call which will return data on out of these 10 apis which api has the data changed, so that we call that api later. for question 2 Tried to explain all the possible solutions of complexity O(n*m), O(N*log(N)) and O(N). Tried to solve it in O(N) but got stuck at a point in dry run after that the interviewer did not let me do a dry run properly. He wanted me to solve the approach with O(N*log(N)) and not a simplified version. Less


Swift: Optional, Concurrency, MVVM SwiftUI: All property wrappers, comparisons

1 Answers

All were ups to the mark. Cracked all interviews.

Cyber Security Infotech

Tableviews, Collectionviews, Weak-Strong, Atomic-Nonatomic


With experience in developing applications that are smaller in scope, why do you think you are capable of working with software on such a large scale?

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I went into detail on the similarities of my past projects and their application. Because I'm self-taught and motivated with years of valuable (albeit, unrelated) work experience, I think I explained that I am adept at finding solutions. Less


Write functions to calculate sum of left nodes and right nodes of a binary tree.

1 Answers

Real time white paper coding on the video call.

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