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Lead Android Developer/Architect was asked...November 27, 2020

What is the syntax of mocking an object using mockito?

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DS and algorithms - 1. Array problems 2. Order of complexity discussion Android and Oops - 1. Architecture choices 2. Handling multiple API calls on home screen 3. Rxjava 4. Dependency injection 5. SOLID principles HR round - 1. Why Airfi ? 2. Experience with the past companies 3. Future goals and aspirations

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1. Remember using the sorting algorithms and discussion on order complexities 2. On multiple API calls on android, I mentioned the use of zip operator of RX 3. Dependency injection principle being used from Java Spring framework onto android and how it ensure we solve the Dependency Inversion principle from SOLID principles. Discussion on different DI frameworks such as Dagger 1 & 2, Hilt and Koin 4. Discussion on various Architectures - MVC, MVP and MVVM. 5. Why MVVM over MVP ? Unit testing capabilities, View model does not know about view. There is no view reference unlike MVP Less


Design an algorithm for solving the "skyline" problem. Including complexity asked, coding on the whiteboard part of a function.

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I wrote an algorithm on the whiteboard.


I've been given a test that was basically about showing a list of drivers on a map, updating positions, calculating closest driver based on the user position, etc. Very basic thing. Had 2 or 3 days to do it. I've seen other people here saying that they basically wanted you to work for free and never hire you, which is ridiculous. This is a typical hiring exercise, designed to measure your various skills. They threw my work away as soon as I passed that step.

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Ok send mail you will see code in mvp mvc ...

Fashion TV

What is the MVVM model?

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MVVM model is a deviation of MVC model.

Chalo (India)

Given a circular array of 0s and 1s find max number of consecutive 1s 12 balls of the same shape with 1 being defective. Given a weighing machine, you have 3 chances to find the defective one Custom LiveData

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The first and third are easy to implement. Take care of corner cases. Second is difficult since defective ball can have less or more weight Less

Empire Group

What architecture pattern do you use in your code.

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I told about MVVM design pattern

Kotlin, Rxjava, coroutines

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It's good to hear from you

Tech Mahindra

Concepts writen in resume and

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Tesseract Imaging

Task 2: Use AIDL and read rotation sensor data and report it every 8ms on a textview

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