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Not unexpectedly, the manager was particularly interested in my experience in gathering requirements and creating designs.

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Because I had 12 years as team lead on a top priority application, I had good stories to relate about my experience gathering requirements and creating designs.

What kind of design excersice did you have to present? something related to data modelling? I'm just curious

It was a high-level design for a loan application, including the architecture and data model for the application.

Asked about my experience installing new releases of software

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What is the tnsnames?

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They asked me to write an Oracle procedure that would select data from 3 tables and update a 4th table. (handwritten, not in Oracle) This was to be completed in 15 minutes.

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IF I would be interested in working as an Oracle DB Admin

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What is a connection pool? At what point are the connections within one established?

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Waht is an indexes how many type of Indexes?

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What is the ascii code for line feed?

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When would you use dynamic sql?

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One of the question was how do you compare the data between two tables or how do you see the difference of data between these two tables where both the table have same table structure ?

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