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Problem: Array of 100 integers between 0 and 100. One integer is doubled, find out which. Question: Which methods exist and how do they compare?

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The worst answer in this case is an algorithm, the interviewer clearly did not ask for that. An important question to ask is whether they want the Position of the doubled integer or only its value. Possible solutions: sort (quick sort, radix-sort/K-sort), search, counting, Polynom, a[0]+a[1]+...a[101] - 0+1+2+99+100 = doubled integer.

sum on N numbers in (N*N+1)/2. Add all the numbers and find out how much it differs from this sum

Here is a string with duplicate characters in java. Remove the duplicate characters. Return value is a string

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We have a product and a technical scenario, what could be changed to make it better?

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1 week before shipping the product, SDET tells you that some test cases haven't run or succeeded. What do you do?

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Describe current projects, what do you DO, what do YOU do? Why You? Why Microsoft? Which courses at university? You can improve any MS program, which and how? What is the best/word program Microsoft ever developed? General small talk questions suited for interviews..

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