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One question was if I had the qualifying work equipment and area specific to the job.

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I answered that I did.

Their exam consists of three parts based on around 165 pages of their guidelines in pdf format. They give you one week to study and complete all parts of the exam. The information was interesting, logical, and easy to digest. Exam questions can be tricky but it is an open-book test so just take your time and make sure that you understand the questions. Hopefully, you won't get a server error and resulting "you failed to complete our exam" email. SMH.

Well, the most difficult aspect was that, it didnt follow their own rules for doing the search engine evaluation, and often time seem in order to come to the correct evaluation you'd need more intimate knowledge of the landing page, then what the time allotment would give when you were in production. Overall, it was pretty frustrating.

A strict test to determine your aptitude for the work, no personal interaction with management other than email.

Not exactly accurate for this exact position. The most difficult part would be the exam, but it is detrimental that you pass and understand the guidelines or you will not be successful with the job.

There weren't specific interview questions. Rather, there is an extensive three-part test to complete.

Lionbridge gave very explicit instruction that following the preparation steps was critical in the process and I went as far as I could go. The response I got one week later was an obvious autoreply saying I failed the test I did not take.

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