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CyberSol Technologies
.NET Developer was asked...June 4, 2015

My previous experience.

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Dear Candidate, Since your identity is not known to us we are unable to cross verify your concerns, but we will still attempt to clear your doubts. We are not sure how many interviews you have attended, any experienced candidate would know that it is a standard procedure of having 2-3 rounds of interview, especially for technical positions. We are unable to check your interview and test papers, but just for your knowledge our technical tests have various degrees of difficulty, you probably have attempted the basic level and not the intermediate or advanced level test. We invite you to attempt the higher levels. Regarding interview in Hindi, when candidates struggle to reply in the English language, we do not mind using our national language. Do you have an objection if we use our national language for communication ? As for the wait, apologies if you had to wait for a long duration and the inconvenience caused to you (if any), but again any experienced candidate would know and be prepared to wait, especially when there are more than expected candidates for interview. Further option for hiring on contract or payroll is something that is decided as per mutual preference. Infact we believe this is an additional option to the employee. HR CyberSol Less

Do not reply on the name of HR. There is no HR in company. For god shake dont play emotion with emplyee. Close this company Less

Explained my roles and responsibilities from my previous companies. About the course which i have done. Less

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Digital Info Bytes

I don't remember the exact questions, but here are few string which may help you. And you passed the first round please please do share the questions. And one list request if are going to interview in any company plz share the questions. 1) Predictable delegates use as 2)global assemble cache can maintain, option a> 2 assembly with same name, version. b> same name, diff version c> maintain only one, d> 3) which not html5 attr/ properties id, name, accesskey, class,.. 4) html tag sequence <i> <u><b> 5)html not work with empty ... action, class, form,...(dont remember the exact question) 6)Conversion type cast related question. 7) if we implement interface class do we need to convert the implemented class to interface class... 8)in page completely load on which event. 9) sql cursor, a> is it slow down the process b> is it not use full, c>... 10)because of sql indexing a>table update work fast b> update work slow c> not effect. d>... 11)generic is import to use which functionality 12)in class when properties variable define.. you need 18 correct answer to clear the round. You can just go through these topic and it may help you.

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Please Share the interview questions.

Q.which not html5 attrribute =---- properties id, name, accesskey, class,.. A: name Less assemble cache can maintain, option a&gt; 2 assembly with same name, version. b&gt; same name, diff version c&gt; maintain only one, d&gt; A: assembly with same name, version. Less

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4mation Technologies

Please note the process may vary for your case- 1. Initial phone interview: non technical. 2. On site group interview: Need to provide presentation in front of groups to share what you can offer the company, why do you choose this company to join, describe one of your previous project experience. You need to complete this presentation within 3 minutes. They will judge how you can communicate with the clients/team-mates by this interview step. 3. Online technical test: You will be provided an online technical test link via email which will contain several technical questions to be completed within a given time. Questions will check your basics in .NET/C#/OOP/SQL/MVC etc. 4. Technical interview: I cannot tell the details of this test as I haven&#039;t faced this step.

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The online test was done through interviewzen site. The recruiter will be able to view each of your action during the test time as all your action will be recorded by interviewzen. Recruiter may want to see the approach how you answers the questions rather than the right syntax. Less

Thanks for the feedback. What did they ask you to code? Like a web application or just a problem? Less

I agree with the process for points 1 and 2. The telephone interview and then the group interview are as described. Less

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TSS Consultancy

Collection Generics List vs dictionary Class with get set property..write method to retrieve data from them with list Identity column Cluster and non cluster index Group by vs having SQL query Top 5 salary from different 10 departments Repeated word in string Replace repeated word Pseudo code for Hospital and doctor working

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Create update delete operations

What are Crud operations??

What do you mean by Pseudo code for Hospital and doctor working?

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Q. If there are temporary tables with same name in different databases, can those be accessed in same query window?

3 Answers

Ans. I answered: Temporary tables are stored only in one database i.e. tempdb. Still the interviewer was asking irrelevant scenarios. Less

No, because temporary table only exists in temp db

Interviewer asked, "but if temporary table exists in different databases, can both be accessed in same query window?" Less

Rheal Software

in sql server written test based on tricky querries about 2 nd max salary of emp

4 Answers

select max(salary) from emp where salary&lt;(select max(salary)from emp);

Select sal from (select sal, dense_rank() over( order by sal desc) r from students) where r=&amp;n N = Place the position of any highest salary eg:- 2nd highest n=2, 3rd highest n=3 and so on. Less

select max(salary) from emp where salary&lt;(select max(salary)from emp);

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what is session management.

3 Answers

maintaining a state is session management.

Session management is a way in to ensure that information is passed over from one page to the other. The view state property of a page is used to automatically pass the information of controls from one page to the other. The 'Session' object is used to store and retrieve specific values within a web page. Less

Session management is a way in to ensure that information is passed over from one page to the other. The view state property of a page is used to automatically pass the information of controls from one page to the other. The 'Session' object is used to store and retrieve specific values within a web page. Less

Rheal Software

Sql, Indexing, complex join queries, few theory questions...

3 Answers

How many marks they have aloted for each section??

Some 5 some 10

What interview questions they ask on


Simple pgm to calculate cutoff marks

3 Answers

Proceed with given formula

Answer of this program in c++ #include int main() { float maths,chemistry,physics,cutoff; cout&gt;maths; cout&gt;chemistry; cout&gt;physics; maths=maths*0.5; chemistry=chemistry*0.25; physics=physics*0.25; cutoff=maths+chemistry+physics; cout&lt;&lt;"The cutoff value is : "&lt; Less

import*; public class Cutoff { /** * @param args */ public static void main(String[] args)throws IOException { // TODO Auto-generated method stub float chemistry,physics,maths; Double cutoff; String str; DataInputStream in= new DataInputStream(; System.out.println("Enter the chemistry marks out of 200:"); str=in.readLine(); chemistry=Integer.parseInt(str); System.out.println("Enter the physics marks out of 200:"); str=in.readLine(); physics=Integer.parseInt(str); System.out.println("Enter the maths marks out of 200:"); str=in.readLine(); maths=Integer.parseInt(str); maths=(float)(maths*0.5); physics=(float)(physics*0.25); chemistry=(float)(chemistry*0.25); cutoff=(double)(maths+physics+chemistry); System.out.println("The cutoff value is:"+cutoff); } } Less

Rocket Companies

Write a code to divide two numbers without using the division and modulus operator

3 Answers

Write an algorithm that implements a "long division" ( That in theory still needs the div and mod operators, but you can always implement that the other way round, if slower, by subtacting the divisor until the (part of the) number you are currently considering is smaller than the divisor. Less

Thanks Kanchan for the solution! One thing I noticed is that answer will result in an infinite loop, it also will not account for an equivalent numerator and denominator. For anyone who refers to the above solution I think this will work: // C#: Simple logic : Note: Works only for Integers int division(int numerator, int denominator) { int result = 0; while (numerator &gt;= denominator) { numerator = numerator - denominator; result++; } return result; } Less

The above answer fails as well, because of the fact that you can't divide a positive number by a negative number or vice versa. IE: 5/(-3) would yielf 5 = 5 - (-3) = 8. the numerator will always be greater than the denominator. Plus it does not account for division by . These are all simple fixes. Less

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