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This was where is got interesting. The initial person I interviewed with was traditional. The second fellow, the Division Head was a very bright extremely well educated and grounded fellow. He essentially asked me (I am paraphrasing here)... "What is it that we will run into that could negatively impact this business as we try to get it off the ground - I'm looking for those things we are not thinking about or planning for right now.

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So, at this point, I did not know if they were just "milking" me for information, or wanted to see what level of skills I had, so I just opened up on them, as I had experienced this on a much smaller scaled with an IBM partner a few years ago. So I gave them LOTS of relevant details. Perhaps too much, was very positive about it, and said that is essentially how I would prepare...

1) How many years have you worked as a quota carrying sales rep? 2) List your typical steps during a sales cycle? 3) How have you been successful? 4) How did you succeed at hitting your sales goal while the rest of your team did not?

What did I see myself doing. (They were somewhat creating a position)

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They will try to tear you down and make you crack. They will analyze every bit of your past without attention to ethics or morals.

How would I handle a difficult situation with a customer

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How do you manage stressful situations

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