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  • In the spirit of Mother's Day, a group of Avenue Coders paid a visit to Lareira Residencial para Senhoras, a nursing home for ladies in São Paulo. We spent a heartwarming morning there playing music and talking with these special ladies.

  • Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (DCNNs), time series forecasting, and Tensorflow employment: they all may seem complex and puzzling, but our Senior Data Scientist Hossein Javedani makes them easy-peasy to understand in our newest blog post:

    Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (DCNNs) for Time Series Forecasting Using Tensorflow - Part 1

    Have you ever wondered how to convert a prediction problem into a new format so that you can solve it using available strong forecasting engines? In Part I of this tutorial, I will discuss how to solve one of the most challenging forecasting problems--the next state forecasting trend of electricity consumption--by using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network (DCNN) to process a series of load data that's been converted into images.

  • We had fun yesterday with IT students from UNA at our BH office! We gave them an overview of our wide range of practice areas, as well as an introduction to our culture of playfulness and professionalism here at Avenue Code. Interested in learning more about careers at Avenue Code? Check out http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vQ6WF.

    Avenue Code | Work With Us

    Working with top talent, the best tools and technologies, excellent benefits, and more - learn why the best developers choose Avenue Code.

  • We're on to all of the many #OracleCommerceCloud features, and our latest blog post has Henrique Elias examining how you can customize and enhance functionality in your #OCC implementation through extensions. Take a look:

    Creating Extensions and Widgets in Oracle Commerce Cloud

    OCC makes everything easy, and enhancing functionality through customizable extensions and widgets is no exception.

  • It's crucial for businesses to choose an app platform that will meet their customers’ needs, and our Senior UI Consultant Maurício Tasca designed a roadmap to guide you in choosing between mobile web, native, or hybrid apps. Find out which app suits your business best at:

    Avenue Code | Mobile Web, Hybrid, or Native: A Roadmap to the Right App

    Every business has unique needs, and at Avenue Code, we specialize in helping our clients discover which solutions best meet those needs. Download our free whitepaper and learn about the benefits and challenges of mobile web and native apps, and the advantages of hybrid alternatives.

  • Our consultant Marcelo Guimarães talks about how easy it is to organize the products, collections, and stock units of your business through Oracle Commerce Cloud. Check out our newest blog post:

    Simple Product Creation in Oracle Commerce Cloud

    An online catalog organizes your products, SKUs, and collections in a manner reflective of the way users navigate to them in your store. The store contains only one catalog, but that catalog can contain any number of collections, which can contain any number of products and associated SKUs.

  • Accurate forecasting in today’s complex world is no easy task, but our Senior Data Scientist Hossein Sadaei breaks down how you can achieve it in our newest machine learning whitepaper. Take a look:

    Machine Learning Whitepaper

    Good forecasting is one of the keys to success for all businesses. By contrast, poor forecasting can sabotage your plans and lead to tremendous interest and profit loss.

  • Today’s Tip Tuesday comes from our developer Rafael Câmara, and he has some React knowledge to share this time:

    When developing React apps, we may face some issues related to component reusability (i.e. components getting too specific as more and more states and actions are added on top of them). A simple pattern can help avoid these issues. You simply need to classify your components into two different groups: Presentational and Container.

    The Presentational group should have stateless components, which are concerned only about displaying things. Their data is received through props, and you can extend their reusability through high order components. On the other hand, the Container components are concerned about how things work by providing data to Presentational and other Container components.

    This simple pattern allows us to better understand which components can and cannot be reused. You can learn more about it at: http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vQfII.

  • We had an exciting week at our BH Office, hosting two remarkable meetups! First, we had a full house at the 5th React BH Meetup on April 17th. Then, DevOps was in the spotlight on April 19th at the 9th DevOps BH Meetup. At Avenue Code, we're passionate about investing and nurturing a diverse set of technical skills.

  • Not only does Oracle Commerce Cloud allow you to launch a fully operational online store, but you can also customize it to attend to all of your business needs. Our consultant Arlindo Neto talks about how effortlessly you can achieve this in our newest blog post. Check it out:

    An Overall Introduction to Oracle Commerce Cloud

    When the concept of EDI (electronic data interchange) was first introduced in the 1960s, the stage was set for commerce to develop into the online shopping reality we have today. Now, e-commerce is so embedded in our society that we cannot imagine living without it.

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