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  • Phones today are smart. All that intelligence can turn your hand-held device into an incredible personal assistant. We believe that technology can make life better — WAY better. Whether you’re rocking a tablet or smartphone, iPhone or Android, the Cellular Sales #PhoneAwesome blog is designed to show you ways your hardware can make every day awesome - and we're sharing some of those tips here on Glassdoor!

    We know you work hard / play hard. We know you care about the health of your body, family, work and mind. Your phone is an indispensable part of your everyday life, so we're here to make it work best for you!

    We’ll show you tools and recommend apps to take better photos, shoot epic videos, navigate social media and communicate effectively, all while staying organized and keeping track of all your goals and to-do lists.

    A great smartphone is only great if you know how to use it, so dive in to make your Phone Awesome!

    ***And if YOU'RE the phone guru in your family/area, hop over to our Job section and see where we're hiring near you - we always need new tech ninjas on our team!

  • Holiday travel is coming, and if you're going to work while on the road you need the right gear. Check out our tips. hashtag#PhoneAwesome http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vQJOg

    Gig Economy and the Smartphone Lifestyle - phoneawesome

    Bad pun aside: with technology, gig workers can earn an income from just about anywhere. In the last few years, contract and freelance work has exploded, with millions of people all over the world earning a side income-in some cases, a full-time income-enabled by high-speed internet and smartphones.

  • Even though technology is important in our business, honest-to-goodness humanity is still the cornerstone.

    Soft skills play more important role in daily life than you might realize. If you doubt us, just listen to Google! Not the internet search bar, the actual company—one of the biggest tech giants in the world! In 2013, they conducted a search to see if their practice of hiring only for the hard skills of awesome technology knowledge was the right path. They discovered that these skills are all more important than STEM skills alone:

    + coaching
    + communicating and listening
    + possessing insights into others
    + empathy
    + critical thinking and problem solving
    + ability to make connections across complex ideas

    Read more on the Cellular Sales Blog: http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vQr1h

    Low Tech Folks in a High Tech World - phoneawesome

    If you're feeling nostalgic for your abacus, vinyl records and shelves full of books that don't do anything but wait for you to turn their pages, you're not alone. Lots of people are going through tech fatigue. The thing is, even though technology seems to be leaving lots of us in its wake, honest-to-goodness humanity is still important.

  • The best career advice to make every stage in your hashtag#money making life valuable! http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vQkO1

    45 Pieces of Career Advice to Get You to the Top

    When it comes to your career, sometimes it feels like you could use all the advice you can get. From picking the "right" career to actually excelling in it, there's certainly a lot to learn. And that's why we've gathered our all-time best career advice.

  • Back to School 2018!

    For some, (ahem: parents!) THIS is the most magical time of the year! That’s right, it’s back-to-school time, already!

    Read on for great tips, apps and our favorite tech tools to get the most out of this school year:

    Back to School 2018! - phoneawesome

    For some, (ahem: parents!) THIS is the most magical time of the year! That's right, it's back-to-school time, already! Read on for great tips, apps and our favorite tech tools to get the most out of this school year: Gone are the days when glue sticks and Lisa Frank pencil cases dominated the school supply list.

  • What does a career at Cellular Sales mean for you? Watch and see! http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vQTnJ

  • When You Join Cellular Sales, You Join a Real Team. �� Launch a New Career. We're Hiring in San Jose, CA. Apply Now http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vQ6eB

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    Find a career for you at Jobs.cellularsales.com

  • Competitive Commission�� Flex Scheduling, and Great People. Join a Real Team. Join Cellular Sales. We're Hiring in Hollister, CA �� Apply Today http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vQ6e9

  • We're #hiring! Click to apply: Verizon Retail Sales Representative http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vQ6ed #SalesJobs #WorkHard #Sales #Parkville, MD

    Career Opportunities

    Find a career for you at Jobs.cellularsales.com

  • NOW HIRING! We are hiring Professional Sales Reps in the Slidell, LA area and nationwide! Visit http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vIQBQ to apply today. To apply for Slidell, please visit http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vIQBM


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