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  • We give customers a lot of fulfillment options to choose from as they place an order . More options add complexity to a fulfillment chain, and more complexity can lead to efficiency loss… unless you measure where your gaps are.

    One gap that’s been notoriously hard for us to measure is lost demand.

    So how did we go about estimating and understanding out lost demand? We built a Machine Learning model that spots the orders we could be fulfilling but are missing out on due to a lack of fulfillment options.

    Click below to read the full post from Machine Learning Engineer Ganesh Krishnan. ��

    Modeling the Unseen

    We give customers a lot of fulfillment options to choose from as they place an order?-?they can opt for delivery time slots ranging from an hour to a week later. They can also choose to pick their shopped groceries up from the store in certain markets.

  • It's 103º in Atlanta.  How many grocery orders containing a rotisserie chicken and a cold pint of strawberry ice cream can you deliver in an hour before they start to melt? What happens if there's a flash thunderstorm on top of it?

    Those are the riddles that Kevin Henrikson and JJ Zhuang are working on solving as the VPs of Instacart's fulfillment engineering organization. This includes the teams that lead the engineering infrastructure, mobile, machine learning, data science, and operations research engineers that build our Shopper app (iOS and Android) and our last mile logistics technologies.

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    Building an on-demand fulfillment engine is hard

    Why the jump to Instacart? JJ: We always look for ways to create value in our work, and there's no other creation more valuable than "creating time". We built enterprise software because we could make people more productive with their work.

  • Yesterday, we announced affordable insurance offerings for our shoppers through a partnership with Stride—a company that makes it easy to find affordable insurance plans. The offerings are available for all of our shoppers, no matter how often they shop.

    Read more on our shopper blog below.

    Partnering with Stride to Bring Shoppers Affordable Insurance

    Tens of thousands of people shop and deliver with Instacart across North America. These individuals shop for different reasons and play different roles outside of being a shopper?-?they are parents, entrepreneurs, students, and so much more.

  • Nilam Ganenthiran, you look good in cartoon form! Luckily for everyone attending #Groceryshop in Las Vegas this fall, Nilam will be there IRL. ��

    Learn more about Groceryshop 2019 below!

    Home - Groceryshop - The Event for CPG Brands and Grocery, Drug, Convenience, Discount & Other Stores

    From the team that created Shoptalk, Groceryshop covers the evolution of grocery retailers, including supermarkets, mass merchants, convenience stores, drug stores, club/warehouse stores, discount stores and ecommerce players.

  • "Instead of going the traditional breakfast in bed route — trust me, we already have enough food in our bed — I like to give my wife a little bit of 'me-time...'"

    Tyler Renaghan, Senior Director of Retail Accounts, who has five kids under the age of six (sending you strength + serenity, Tyler), shares his Mothers Day advice below.

    What She Really Wants for Mother's Day

    One Instacart Dad Shares His Tips for How to Make the Day Extra Special By Tyler Renaghan, Dad and Senior Director of Retail Accounts at Instacart My wife Meredith and I are outnumbered with five kids all under the age of 6. As you can imagine, it's rare to find a quiet moment in our home.

  • “Growth…is really about building things for non-power users because if you’re constantly building things for power users, then new people aren’t going to be able to think about how to join or use your product. Our mission is to reduce barriers to adoption.” - Bangaly Kaba, VP of Growth.

    Listen to the latest episode Intercom's Scale Podcast below ⬇️

    How to kickstart billion dollar companies | Inside Intercom

    From Instagram to Instacart, Bangaly Kaba's seen what it takes to grow a billion dollar business. On the Inside Intercom podcast, Instacart's VP of Growth explains how exponential business growth starts with a fundamental understanding of your customers and a patient approach to monetization.

  • We celebrated Bring Your Kids to Work Day across our US offices last week. Our Instacart parents joined their little carrots in decorating cookies, putting their crafting skills to the test with our apron station, posing with fruit and vegetable props at our photo booth, and an engineering challenge. The kids also spent the day job shadowing their parents and attending meetings.

    Read more below. ��

    Celebrating Bring Your Kid to Work Day at Instacart

    On Thursday, we celebrated Bring Your Kid to Work Day in partnership with our Parents@ community. It was an epic day of celebrations with 70+ kids participating across the company ranging in ages...

  • Comin' in hot with an opportunity on our Logistics Operations team!

    It's Springtime Marathon season, which means road closures galore...but it doesn't mean that people want groceries any less. Thankfully we've got a team for that, and it's growing!

    As a Lead on the Log Ops team, you will be challenged to make decisions on both a tactical & strategic level, taking calculated steps to prepare for and/or react to anything that may potentially impact fulfillment operations. Some examples include extreme weather, systems outages, marathons, expansions, and allocation of shopper memberships/certifications.

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    Logistics Operations, Team Lead

    Cover Letter Individuals seeking employment at Instacart are considered without regards to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation. You are being given the opportunity to provide the following information in order to help us comply with federal and state Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action record keeping, reporting, and other legal requirements.

  • Lettuce take a moment to congratulate Kelvin L. for being recognized in Canada's 2019 Developer 30 under 30. Bravocado! ��

    "Kelvin is a self-taught iOS developer who started his journey four years ago when he purchased his first MacBook. He found his calling at the birth of the Swift programming language, and has been building iOS applications ever since. Kelvin is a published author of two programming books, an international speaker at tech conferences, and manages the second ranked Swift GitHub repository. Kelvin currently works at Instacart as an iOS developer for the retailers team."

    Canada's 2019 Developer 30 Under 30

    The Developer 30 Under 30, is an initiative dedicated to recognizing developers building the infrastructure behind Canada's companies. Established in 2017, the Developer 30 Under 30 allows developers to apply or be nominated for the award. Judges include Microsoft Canada GM of cloud and enterprise, Khalil Alfar, Government of Canada CTO, Marc Brouillard, and Instacart VP of engineering, Karney Li.

  • Pictured here: “A Star is Corn,” the winning team from our SF office’s “Super Market Sweeps” challenge. We are proud of you...and we are especially proud of that food pun. ��

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