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  • In celebration of Earth Day, check out our blog for tips on how to reduce your impact on the environment.

    Earth Day 2019: Simple Tips

    Earth Day is April 22, 2019 and offers a reminder of the actions we can take every day to protect the planet. Each year, the Earth Day Network selects a theme, and this year's is focused on protecting our species.

  • At Lam Research, we believe in the importance of supporting our local communities. Discover more about the organizations that benefited from our sixth annual Heart & Soles Run in our latest blog.

    Lam Employees Reach Deep Within Their Soles to Support Children's Health and Fitness

    Employees at Lam Research came together on March 23, 2019 in Santa Clara, CA for the sixth annual Lam Research Heart & Soles Run. Teaching children good health and fitness habits sets them on a path for success all throughout their lives.

  • Interested in an internship at Lam Research? Learn more about what to expect from our bright group of 2018 interns!

  • Today’s blog highlights the ways we share our passion for STEM with the community, supporting the next generation of innovators.

    Supporting the Next Generation of STEM Leaders

    At Lam, we are passionate about sharing our success and inspiring the next generation of innovators. As a leading equipment supplier in the semiconductor industry, we encourage students to pursue STEM education and engage in activities that give young people visibility into careers in the technology ecosystem.

  • Today’s blog is all about silicon! Dive into the variety of use cases for this single element.

    Silicon - Wafers and More

    More than most industries, ours is identified with a single element, silicon. Consider the self-adopted naming conventions of all the places that want to be recognized as members of the club-Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach, Silicon Forest and so on. Silicon wafers are fundamental in manufacturing the electronic "chips" that pervade almost every aspect of our lives.

  • Smart cars are driving demand for a new generation of 200 mm tools. Check out what this means for the future of wafer fabs on today’s blog:

    Smart Cars Drive 200 mm Fabs

    New sensing and actuating technologies for cars are introducing a new generation of 200 mm tools. Michelle Bourke, strategic marketing director in the customer support group, shares her thoughts on this topic with EE Times.

  • Happy Pi Day from Lam Research! Dive in to the everyday uses of the world’s most interesting number on our blog.

    Every Day Uses of p

    Well, it's almost Pi (p) Day again! And once more, we find reasons to celebrate that most interesting number on March 14. Most of us remember that p is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

  • AI, pilotless flight and commercial airlines – all this and more in today’s blog. Spoiler alert: while some are okay with this futuristic technology, 83 percent said they would not fly in a plane without a pilot in the cockpit.

    Silicon Snack: Pilotless Passenger Jets More than a Blue-Sky Idea

    Sensing technology, computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing the skies. In recent years, the military has been applying drone technology to pave the way for the pilotless fighter jet. In 2013, the U.S.

  • In today’s blog, we interviewed previous interns from Lam Research, who shared what they learned from their time in our internship program.

    Engineering the Future at Lam

    At Lam, we see our interns as future leaders and we've designed programs to prepare them for that responsibility. By networking with big thinkers who challenge and inspire our students, to exploring new skills, our interns are starting their careers loaded with enthusiasm and encouragement.

  • Today’s blog post highlights our involvement in the SPIE Advanced Lithography symposium, being held later this month in San Jose. Not only are we a proud sponsor of the Advanced Etch Technology conference portion of the event, but we’ll also have some of our team speaking! Check it out to learn more about our speakers, the topics they’re planning to discuss and additional conference info.

    SPIE Symposium Shines Spotlight on Patterning

    The SPIE Advanced Lithography symposium brings together leaders across the semiconductor industry to discuss the latest challenges in lithography and patterning. Held at the San Jose Convention Center on February 24-28, 2019, the week-long event features seven technical conferences covering recent developments and emerging strategies for topics such as advanced patterning, new materials, and processing control.

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