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  • PSEG is a National Leader in Producing Green Energy Our company has invested nearly $2 billion in solar energy, helping to rank New Jersey consistently among the top states for solar development. PSE&G's national recognized Solar 4 All program constructed the nation’s largest network of pole-attached solar panels. Our efforts to build solar generation facilities on old landfills and brownfields has also been nationally recognized. PSEG Solar Source has developed two dozen grid-connected solar energy centers in New Jersey and 14 other states. PSEG’s nuclear plants in Salem County are New Jersey’s largest source of carbon-free electricity. The company plans to expand its green energy efforts even farther in the area of energy efficiency.


    PSEG CEO: It's cheaper to make nuclear plants economic than get rid of them

    Ralph Izzo, PSEG CEO and chairman, discusses energy prices and the company threatening to shut down New Jersey power plants unless lawmakers raise utility bills.

  • PSEG as 100 People PSEG has 13,000 employees across multiple states representing varied backgrounds and expertise. But could you conceptualize what a snapshot of PSEG would look like as just 100 people? That’s just what the PSEG Foundation set out to do when it partnered with the 100 People Foundation. Using the 100 People Foundation philosophy and methodology, we set out to meet the 100 people who could best represent our company. The result was a diverse group of employees who helped create a community that represents PSEG by job type and companywide statistics. Employees from varied positions, levels and tenure were nominated by their peers as the people they most admire. Some of the employees chosen to help represent PSEG as 100 people served in the military, where they learned about great teamwork, or are the third generation of their family to work for PSEG. More than one nominee was the first member of their family to attend college. It is this diverse culture that makes us who we are: a great place to work and a committed member of the communities we serve.

  • PSEG ANNOUNCES MAJOR INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT PROGRAM May, 2018 PSEG today outlined a plan to invest $14 billion to $17 billion over the next five years. PSEG’s infrastructure program, an expansion of previously disclosed plans to invest $11.5 billion to $13.2 billion over the five-year period ending in 2022, includes a proposal for a significant increase in the utility’s investments in energy efficiency, as well as the first major investment in electric vehicle infrastructure. These investments will help New Jersey achieve its clean energy goals, maintain its momentum to modernize its infrastructure and underscore New Jersey’s environmental leadership. The program, if approved, PSEG estimates that the energy efficiency program will generate approximately 5,000 sustainable direct and indirect jobs over the six-year life of the program, reduce CO2 emissions by 24 million tons and reduce energy use by 40 million MWh of electricity and 675 million therms of natural gas.

  • PSE&G Unveils Next Phase of “Energy Strong” Investments June 8, 2018 Building on the success of its Energy Strong program, Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G) today proposed to invest an additional $2.5 billion during the next five years to further strengthen the utility’s electric and gas systems to withstand storms, improve reliability and significantly enhance resiliency. If approved by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU), the proposed program will enable PSE&G to continue its momentum to modernize its infrastructure by launching the second phase of Energy Strong that will: • Raise critical electric and gas equipment in flood prone areas • Modernize aging electric and gas stations • Install stronger poles and wires to reduce wind and tree damage • Deploy advanced technology to quicken restoration • Build additional pipes to distribute natural gas to enhance reliability • Improve PSE&G’s already strong customer service.

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