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  • 60% of Americans don't have wills--that means their state of residence will decide what happens to their money and their treasures if they die. 33% of charitable donors are willing to make a bequest to one or more charities, but only 20% have ever been asked!

    United Way, along with 70 other reputable charities, have partnered with the start-up Free Will to offer their donors a quick, easy, and FREE way to write a "warm, intuitive will" that is valid in all 50 states. You don't have to leave anything to charity if you don't want to, but many people do. It's a priority for them to support their favorite charities after they are gone. Free Will makes that easy to do.

    Making a free will-writing service available to donors is just one way United Way seeks to support the people who contribute and volunteer to make their communities better, more welcoming, and more equitable. We do it because we know people care who gets their grandfather's vintage Thunderbird and the balance in their savings account.


    This startup lets you write a will for free by donating to charity

    In fact, a recent Caring.com survey noted that nearly six in 10 Americans have forgone planning a will altogether. But a new startup founded by two Stanford Graduate School of Business grads is working to reframe the thinking around end-of-life planning from something morose and depressing into something uplifting by bringing charitable donations to the forefront and removing financial burdens.

  • One of the most frequently asked questions reported by all local United Ways is, "What exactly do you do?" Frustrating as it is to answer that question over and over, the answers are always inspiring. One example of why the answer always makes us proud: United Way of Greater Houston's handy infographic summary of their 2017-2018 accomplishments.


  • This...this is what we do. Thanks for making it sing, Detroit!

    A Community Anthem - United Way for Southeastern Michigan

    To share our vision of the future, we created a new video, "A Community Anthem," written by and starring Detroit poet Mahogany Jones.

  • Larry Berry walks his talk every day. His story inspires me, as do the stories of so many of my United Way colleagues. That--along with the patient work we do to bring about positive change in our communities--explains why United Ways are great places to work.

    Although, to be 100% honest, generous benefits like summer hours don't hurt either. :-)

    Why Youth Employment is Crucial for the American Economy

    Cities are partnering with companies to bolster the summer job-and to bridge the opportunity gap. larry berry is a bridge-builder. He remembers heading to his first job, jittery with nerves, knowing his life was about to change. "I was in a position to help my family," he explains.

  • Who is Alice? ALICE is the child care worker that is helping to teach your daughter how to say the letters in the alphabet. ALICE is the home health aide that keeps your grandparent healthy and secure in their own home.

    Alice stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.

    The United Way of Central Indiana has mounted a multi-year, multi-generational initiative to ease the hardship faced by working families who are continually struggling to make ends meet. It's called Great Families 2020. The goal? Real help for families trying to break free of the poverty trap.

    Why? Because no one should have to choose between putting dinner on the table and heating the house. Because through integrated services that help both kids and parents, families get the support they need to develop crucial skills and build financial resources. Because United Way is in it for the long haul.


    The Great Families 2020 Difference

    "Poverty can't be solved as a single-issue, by a single entity, or with temporary fixes. It is complex, stubborn, and now affecting members of our community across generations," says Ann Murtlow, president and CEO of United Way of Central Indiana.

  • Sometimes a surprise email can make all the difference. Especially for HR professionals! Here's one I received from a former employee yesterday:

    ..I'm writing to thank you and United Way Bay Area for supporting me during my mother's recent bout with cancer.

    Being able to work remotely on a reduced schedule while I was living near my parents in the Midwest really helped. I was able spend 2-3 days a week with my Mom while financially supporting my family. She's in remission now and my father is retiring, so she has a strong support system in place.

    Please let me know if I can ever be a resource -- I'm VERY grateful for your support and kindness as I tended to my family last year.

    Careers | United Way Bay Area

    As UWBA responds to cultural shifts in the workplace, fundraising, and digital communications, it is guided by core values of innovation and results-driven creativity. Through a variety of existing and emerging initiatives, UWBA seeks to both strengthen and reimagine its work at all levels in order provide more and better opportunities for struggling Bay Area residents.

  • Could we be any more excited about the North American launch of the Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud? I don't think so!

    United Way and Salesforce.org present Philanthropy Cloud | United Way Worldwide

    United Way and Salesforce.org present Philanthropy Cloud. The next generation citizen & corporate social giving platform.

  • United Ways of California is known for its thoughtful and far-reaching advocacy work. It's June 19th blog is just the latest example of how seriously it takes our system wide credo, "Live United."

    United Ways of California Calls for a Halt to the Separation of Children from their Parents at U.S. Border

    We are shocked and deeply disappointed by reports on the conditions and treatment of the nearly 2000 children that have been separated from their families at the border in just the past several weeks. United Ways of California urgently requests the T

  • "Give, Advocate, and Volunteer" --that nicely sums up the United Way philosophy of community engagement int one tidy sound byte. But did you know t hat volunteering is as good for you, a student looking for a way to distinguish yourself in the job market, as it is for your community? Whether you do a short term during Spring Break or make a longer term commitment during the summer, recruiters and employers will notice.


    5 Reasons Volunteering During Spring Break Makes You a Great Hire | United Way Worldwide

    Volunteering during Alternative Breaks gives students transferable skills for the workforce.

  • The United Way of Metropolitan Nashville has made a real difference in Sandy Overstreet's life. Of its free tax preparation program, VITA, Sandy says, "It means so much to know that these credits boost our refund each year and help us take care of our grandson. This program is amazing, and I love it.”


    Faces of Success: Sandy Overstreet

    While taking care of her disabled husband, special needs grandchild, and losing her job, Sandy Overstreet shares how getting help from a VITA Tax Prep site could not have come at a better time. Read how the VITA program made a huge difference in Sandy's life.

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