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    Zuora has reached carbon neutrality! From day one, Zuora has been committed to positively impacting the world by moving people and companies from ownership to usership. Reaching carbon neutrality is just one of the ways we’re committing to a more sustainable world. Learn more about how we’re making a difference for our ZEOs, our customers, our surrounding communities, and the planet in our first-ever Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Impact Report.

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    We asked ZEOs what Zuora benefit has had the most positive impact on their mental health. Find the top 3 favorite benefits below: ☀️ Regular Wellness Days - 30.6% 💻 Ability to work remotely - 27.2% 📆 Flexible work and discretionary time off - 21.3% Are you looking to join an organization with a wellness-centered culture? Browse and explore Zuora careers today! #ZEOLife

    Join our global team in the relentless pursuit of transforming the world's largest companies into subscription businesses. The Journey to Usership begins here!

    Join our global team in the relentless pursuit of transforming the world's largest companies into subscription businesses. The Journey to Usership begins here!

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    This month, we asked our ZEOs what #PrideMonth means to them. 🏳️‍🌈 If celebrating and acknowledging the joy, experiences, and past of the LGBTQIA+ community is important to you, then join our team!

  • “Love all, serve all.” We're excited to welcome our first Chief Diversity Officer, Valerie Jackson, to the ZEO family on November 9th. Valerie has focused on building and leading inclusion and talent initiatives in global companies for nearly 15 years in the technology and legal industries. Read more about her journey in our latest blog. Welcome, Valerie!

  • In June we’re proud to honor Pride Month. Our ZEOs have come together on the side of justice and as allies to our Black community, and we carry that same work through to our LGBTQIA+ community. Pride is intersectional at its core. The Pride movement we know today wouldn’t exist without the tireless work of Black LGBTQIA+ members. There would be no parades or celebrations without the protests and riots at Stonewall, and without activists like Marsha P. Johnson. We pledge to amplify all voices that aren’t often heard the loudest in our continuous effort to foster a culture of inclusivity at Zuora.

  • As the world changes, we must change with it. Zuora has decided to make Juneteenth (June 19) a global corporate holiday for all employees. Juneteenth commemorates the effective end of slavery in the United States and is a reminder of the continued effort required to uphold a legacy of freedom. We’re doing this to drive awareness to our society's critical issues and provide Zuora employees with what they need to reflect and express themselves at this time. Zuora is committed to doing everything we can to combat systemic racism in solidarity with our Black community. Read more about our commitment.

  • We stand with the Black community and speak out against racism, violence and hate. Now more than ever we must support one another as allies and rise up for equality. Following the advice of our Zuora Black Network: 1.) take the time to learn & understand what it means to be an ally, 2.) seek to understand before judgment, 3.) take action now- make your voice heard through Change.org, and if you see something, SAY something. From CEO Tien Tzuo: “Zuora is a family. We always support our members of all backgrounds. Today, specifically, we stand in unity with our Black brothers and sisters. Let’s all do our part to end hatred and racism.” Zuora.org will be making donations to Black Lives Matter and local protest bailout funds from our $1 million annual Impact Fund.

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    The Subscription Economy is resilient. Today, and everyday, we're proud to support the companies, communities and employees helping those most affected by COVID-19.

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    How are organizations navigating the business implications of COVID-19 while taking time to double down on relationships and do what’s right? Read more to explore how the Subscribed community is responding.

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    We're proud to join forces with 25 Bay Area companies to commit $22M to organizations on the front lines of COVID-19 crisis. We're also taking the #StopTheSpread pledge and rethinking the ways that Zuora can provide support to our local communities.

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