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Feel free to post any interview questions you might be asked and I’ll help you compose an effective response :)


Product Design Manager

I’m interviewing with a vp of product today for a product design manager role and in my prep I’m struggling to think of a response for “a time I disagreed with leadership” like I know there have been times but I can’t think of a specific any tips or advice?


Account Executive

Does anyone have any suggestion templates for a message to send on linkedin that they’ve tested/worked to get a response from a recruiter that works at the company but isn’t linked to the job posting / hiring manager when you see a job posting that you are a right fit for and don’t have a relationship that you were able to build with time like most of these career advisors suggest and don’t want it to come across like a ask?



I’ve recently completed an interview for my dream job at a dream company. It went well (and received same feedback from HR afterwards), however I was just informed the position is placed on hold to ascertain their resources, etc. my interviewer was the head of the department. Would it be inappropriate for me to reach out to her on LinkedIn to let her know I would be interested in any future roles on her team?


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