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Associate Technical Product Manager was asked...December 6, 2019

Describe the concept of APIs.

1 Answers

How would you explain machine learning to a 5 year old?

Wolters Kluwer

What is polymorphism in JAVA?


Technical questions covered topics like TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, SSL/TLS, BGP, Packets, Routers, Cookies, Caching.


Name a time when you had to receive input and make adjustments.


Tell me about a time where you experienced failure? What would you have done differently/how could you have avoided it?


there are 300 million people in the US. What is the market share for amazon alexa?


Tell me about a project you worked on


Behavioral questions, SQL, Data analysis/interpretation, Product design (Design uber for old people)


Strategic questions about international marketing.


1. How does your experience relate to the job description? 2. Why are you interested in BOLD and this role? 3. How have you worked well with dev teams in the past? 4. How do you prioritize features and initiatives? 5. How would you use machine learning to solve a problem?

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