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Last project and how you handle the difficult situation in the project

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Can you please give information about online assessment test? what types of questions are includes and what the time limit provided? whats is the difficulty level?

Which of the following configuration steps are required to set up a Linux machine as a NAT? (Select all that apply) A) Enable ipv4 forwarding via sysctl/proc B) Enable IP Masquerading in your firewall settings C) Remove all iptables rules to permit the free flow of traffic through the device D) Install a second NIC card (eth0 in, eth1 out) and bridge/bond the devices E) Ensure your NAT machine's MAC address matches the upstream router you'll be connected to

A customer has asked you to set some very specific permissions on a directory in order to facilitate collaboration between multiple users. Which of the following commands will set the directory called "share" to allow the retaining of group ownership on newly created files and directories inside of it? SUID, SGID, Stick Bit = 4 2 1 = s s t A) chmod 7777 share rwsrwsrwt B) chmod 1775 share rwsrwxr-x C) chmod 2755 share rwxr-sr-x D) chmod 7115 share --s--sr-t E) chmod 1337 share -wx-rxrwt

tell me how you have spent time learning new things to help you in your current or past positions

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You need to patch openssl. What is the quickest way or efficient way of installing the package?

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Because I signed NDA, I can not provided detailed information, but I recommend that focusing on Linux and networking basics, like Linux permission, file hierarchy system, TCP and UDP etc, don't waste your time on programming and scripting, just Linux and networking! And preparing some personal stories which are related with their leadership principles.

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What's the difference between DNS TCP and UDP

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Have you used the OfferUp app?

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Culture fit questions like why do you want to work for airbnb, have any time airbnb host did something nice for you. how did you reciprocate. Have you ever done anything nice for your host/guest. Any story about role you played in upliftment of society or anytime where people didn't ready to accept the change in society etc.

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How to migrate a 1 TB Oracle Database from a datacenter to AWS cloud

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What is the most challenging technical hurdle you have overcome in your career? Tell me about your biggest professional mistake? Outside the workplace, how do you sharpen your skill set? What is AD and why use it Why is time important in windows domain What is sysprep Global catalog Built in tools to troubleshoot network issues Best security practices for windows servers User not authorized to rdp error Why shouldn’t you reboot during windows updates What does site binding refer to How can you list network routes in windows What shared folder exists on domain controllers and is used to store login scripts When to implement login script What does ipconfig result Impact on server system resources What do you do when your website has been hacked

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Describe the difference between file based backups vs block based backups.

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