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Why i wanted to work for hussman

1 Answer

I needed better job stability and looking for a place to stay for years to come

When can you start

1 Answer

am i a team player? can i work in stressful situation,how well do i follow direction?

1 Answer

The lady asked a bunch of personal questions which is illegal, they asked my age, if I am a citizen, if I am married and have kids, what my spouse's job is and where they work. They were supposed to call me for another interview but they never did even after tha is what they promised. In the end I am glad I did not end up working there as I would not want working for such a privy unprofessional person.

1 Answer

Describe my work history briefly. Why did I choose to apply at Smithfield? What is my experience in Electrical work? What is Ohm's Law? Draw a 480vac electrical circuit consisting of a motor with a 120vac control circuit with a start/stop button and e-stop.

1 Answer

Can you work off a 40 foot ladder?

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What are the fuses for in an electrical control panel when they are used on a motor circuit?

1 Answer

Interviewer lacked knowledge to ask any questions other than basic interview questions about safety.

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