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Manufacturing Test Engineer Interview Questions


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While you do meet the standard qualifications we would actually desire someone with a Masters Degree. Why should we consider you?

1 Answer

While I do not currently have a masters degree I am currently enrolled to obtain one. Given my diverse background in varios different fields I feel I can offer you more based on my experiences than someone with just a masters degree.

Name 4 things you have to keep in mind when measuring nanovolts.

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Layout high level design of ATE based on the product spec.

Why I wanted to work in the position

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What do you like/dislike about your current position?

One of the interviewers showed a stripped down version of one of their products and asked me what kind of tests I would perform on it.

If you have a cake in the shape of a trapezoid which has a piece missing from the middle, how would you bisect the remaining cake/trapezoid so that both pieces have the same area.

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