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International Automotive Components
Millwright was asked...September 11, 2015

Why did you leave your previous job?

2 Answers

No daily challenges.

Because I can.

Hood Industries

Will you return to the oil and gas industry when it starts back up.

1 Answers

Depends on how the job is working out, how the pay scales worked, and the benefits. Less

Millwright was asked...October 21, 2016

The questions were mostly geared on behavioral issues. The type "Tell me of a time when..." (for example "you saw someone doing something wrong")

1 Answers

I recalled such a situation and I told them how I approached the person and explained them what they were doing wrong and how it should be done properly Less


None really

1 Answers

In My Opinion: (Worked there for about 5 weeks). The management seems to always focuses on the negative. Management's tendency seems to be punitive based. Management tends make rash judgments with insufficient basis or information, and then obsesses on their erroneous assumptions. Management Screams and Yells at their employees, to the point where you feel that anything you say or do is going to be used as an excuse to further justify additional or increased levels of emotional or verbal abuses. You will never satisfy these people. It would appear as though both of the managers have serious emotional issues. Emphasis on SERIOUS.... Impetuous: , actions done quickly and without thought : controlled by emotion rather than intelligent thought. Management has constructed a overall generalized environment of hostility, which appears to have been fabricated intentionally. One manager attempted to hit me with his golf cart while I was walking out. He then followed me to the door and deliberately walked in from of me in what appeared to be a second failed attempt to trip me, or to cause a second altercation of a violent nature. Both of his nefarious attempts failed, because I simply continued walking away from him. Less

Are you currently employed like do you know how to thread the pipe, recognize the rating, interpret the blue prints anf P&ID.

1 Answers

I answered yes to all those questions as stated above.

Meridian Manufacturing

Do you consider yourself a lucky person?

1 Answers

yes, I am a lucky person because there are few training opportunities for apprentices, and the fact I got an interview shows that! Interviewer: Nah this guy/girl is too much of a brown noser, let us wait for turn-key fully licensed millwright that comes knocking on our door that knows everything about our company without us training him or her. Less

Krueger Custom Steel & Machining
Millwright was asked...December 31, 2012

"Why should the company consider hiring you?"

1 Answers

Because I am focused at safely completing what is expected of me on a regular basis. Less


Why are you applying

1 Answers

need a job

Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure
Millwright was asked...September 17, 2013

Do you think you are qualified for this job?

1 Answers

Yes, because .......

MMR Group

how would you deal with conflict

1 Answers


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