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Mobile App Developer was asked...April 9, 2020

The first interview is about personal questions

2 Answers

Second interview will ask you technical question & Test

Any tips recommend for preparing the interview in SNSoft Sdn Bhd

Build With Innovation

Demo your Ionic Project by explaining each file and flow structure.

1 Answers

Give a demo of the Hotel booking app.


What's your previous job, and what have you contributed to the previous company?

1 Answers

I did react native development, and I've created the standard for version management, and also boilerplate for future projects. Less

Write a program to generate first 20 prime numbers (any language)

1 Answers

I wrote a pseudo code function for the problem.


What is the difference between native mobile app design and responsive web design? Do we really need both?

1 Answers

Mobile apps can be developed natively or as hybrid apps, while mobile-friendly websites can be developed as adaptive or responsive. The basic design process behind all of them is more or less the same. The only thing we need to consider when designing for mobile is that we have a specific set of rules we need to follow. Apple has its own, and so does Google. When you’re designing for iOS or Android, the underlying process is the same. First, we do research that will outline best practices and show us what we can do on a certain platform and what not. Basically, research helps us we learn restrictions and take advantage of possibilities a given field. Designers are likely to work on both native app and responsive web designs. Native apps are important because we want the user to have them on their dashboard, and this way we want to help users in their everyday activities. Some native apps can work offline while others can’t. Responsive web design is important for SEO and Google indexing. So, if we want to have your project well-ranked on Google, you definitely go for a mobile-friendly responsive design. question badge Less


How would you describe your work habits?

1 Answers

I always keep on top of my projects. Owing to my organizational skills and efficiency, I can successfully juggle multiple projects at once. While I complete most of my work independently, I greatly value input and will consult with team members to ensure we're all on the same track. I also appreciate checking in regularly with my boss to update her on my progress and ask about any issues that have arisen. This open communication helps me complete tasks efficiently and accurately. Less

They will give an requirement and ask us to develop a mobile app

1 Answers

I had previous experience in developing mobile apps, so it was easy

Transport for London

It was STAR based interview.

1 Answers

They talk about what you have done last year. Previous projects


What do you know about android development, etc...

1 Answers

I just explained everything that I know, but I answer I've never tried it to something that I've never try. I just don't like to look that I know something that I don't Less

Capital Numbers

what is pure component in react js

1 Answers

pure component is a component where shouldcomponentupdate lifecycle returns false if the state or props doesn't change Less

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