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IOS Developer Interview Questions

"iOS developers specialize in creating applications for iPhone and iPad. During an interview, expect employers to ask challenging technical questions about the limits and capabilities of iOS applications in addition to textbook programming questions. Be prepared to discuss relevant projects from past jobs or individual work."

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What is iphone reference library?

1 Answer

iPhone reference library is a set of reference documents for iPhone OS.

What is a volatile variable, and why would you use it?

2 Answers

What are the App states. Explain them?

2 Answers

Verify that a binary search tree is indeed a binary search tree.

14 Answers

Initialize a UIAlertView

3 Answers

Whats fast enumeration? Whats the difference between frame and bounds?

2 Answers

General questions about past employment, programming interests, and the like. My interview was likely shorter than usual. YMMV There were no skill questions as the next step was to be a technical interview.

1 Answer

There was a lot of writing code on the white board so be prepared for a very technical interview.

1 Answer

Write the retain counts of a particular variable at each line of code.

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