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How would you consume from a WCF web service running on IIS?

3 Answers

I answered create a service reference in visual studio. The follow up, was "How do you do it without visual studio?" I answered "wsdl", but I really didn't have much more after that because I'm so use to using Visual Studio.

we can use svcutil, which will provide option to create service proxy and its config file. Once the proxy has been created we can add this proxy and config files to the client project and invoke the service.

I will create same type of service on local system and hots it on IIS I will access that service using service URL and then in other environment I ll directly modify URL's in web.config files.

What is global.asa

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Do you know anybody in the company

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Do you enjoy working in tight dealine

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"What motivates you?"

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They asked me what system administration tools I had used.

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Having to recite some silly technical reference that I never use to build web applications in .NET. Some of the participants usually from India will just grab a question from a text book.That would be OK if I were in school and reading chapters from that book preparing for an exam or quiz.

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How to check if an XML file is a well formed?

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Write some code

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4 hour programming test....

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