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Part Time Package Handler Interview Questions


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Given an unsorted array, extract the max and min value using the least number of comparison.

4 Answers

f(1)=1 f(2)=f(1)+1=2 f(3)=f(2)+f(1)+1=4 ...

var min, max, arr = [3,4,2,7,1,9]; for(i in arr){ //n-iterations min = Math.min( arr[i], arr[i+1], min ); //2 comparisons max = Math.max( arr[i], arr[i+1], max ); //2 comparisons } //4n => n

well normal case n comparisons Compare in pair and you have n-1 comparisons...

You'll be asked how this late night lifestyle will work for you. You should think about that first.

2 Answers

Why should we hire you if you have a college degree and will likely move on once you find a "carrer job"

3 Answers

Can you manage picking up heavy objects for long periods of time?

2 Answers

Can you work outdoors in all types of weather?

1 Answer

When is the last time you did drugs?

1 Answer

What makes you want to work here?

3 Answers

wanted questions parting to the job I applied for.

1 Answer

How do you handle mitigation of issues among stakeholders

1 Answer

Can you work long hours and holidays

1 Answer
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