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Write a program to print out the first n primes.

3 Answers

public static void printNPrimes(int n){ if(n==0){ return; } if(n>1){ System.out.println(2); int x=3; while(n>0){ if(x%Math.sqrt(x)!=0){ System.out.println(x); } x=x+2; n--; } } }

Fixed. public static void printNPrimes(int n){ if(n==0){ return; } if(n>=1){ System.out.println(2); int x=3; while(n>1){ if(x%Math.sqrt(x)!=0){ System.out.println(x); } x=x+2; n--; } } }

Can you explain your logic? I tried your program in C++, and it even prints 21 and 27 as prime numbers. This is my code, where fmod is a function that calculated the modulus result of 2 decimals (double). int main(){ int n; cin>>n; if(n==0){ return 0; } if(n>=1){ cout1){ if(fmod(x,sqrt(x))!=0){ cout<

design an algorithm to find every word in a 4*4 box (like words with friends)

1 Answer

Tell me about a time when you took initiative and went above and beyond the scope of a task.

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Design a clock service which can be connected with wifi and internet.

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Design a tablet app I would use in the kitchen.

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Describe in as much detail as possible what happens between when a user submits a URL to a web browser and that page is displayed.

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Design a GPS system for 16 year olds.

2 Answers

Tell me about a time you were a leader and were unsuccessful.

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What does a college dorm look like in 10 years?

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Out of the box questions: I was asked to make a calendar out of 2 6 sided cubes. *Advice, Think as out of the box as possible, walk them through your ideas and solutions, draw pictures if possible. Ask questions!

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