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How would you test a blender?

5 Answers

Um..turn it on and see if it blends?

Will it blend?

Are these answers correct?

Was asked to program quick-sort in Java.

1 Answer

Find the bugs in this modified version of our software.

In phone interview,one interviewer had asked me about rating myself in database skills.I had said 6.5/10.And that same interviewer came in the onsite interview also and asked me the same question.At that time I said 7/10. So I was trolled.:)

Question on network protocols.

1 Answer

why this position suits you

1 Answer

Given an array [dog cat llama...], traverse the array and for each element in the array, write that element to a file that begins with the first letter of that element. For example, write cat to c.txt, dog to d.txt, etc.

There was not unexpected question. They asked simple Java questions.

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