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Case study - typical consultant style

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Be prepared to calculate some basic maths and use a structured approach to problem solving - use a pen and paper

1. Why Delta? 2. Who are Delta's main competitors and what challenges do you see Delta facing in the future? 3. Why do you think Delta acquired Virgin Atlanta as one of its Sky-team partners? 4. List at least 3 Sky-team members and can you also list all the US Hubs of Delta? 5. Tell me a time when you had a major conflict with a coworker, what was the issue and how did you resolve it? 6. Many times different departments have to work together, can you tell me a time when you had to work on a project with a different department; what was that project and what processes did you take to complete the project on time? 7. Please give some examples of why any given market may be experiencing market share decline 8. Math question: Route A-->B has a possible demand of 45 passengers at $220/pax, Route B --> C has a demand of 70 passengers at $145/pax, Route A --> C has a demand of 58 passengers at $110. What is the optimal mix that maximizes revenue? 9. How do business customers differ from leisure customers in the airline industry.

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When did you fail at something, and what did you learn?

What is an issue you have encountered in your prior experience, and how did you resolve it?

In CSS, what's the difference between transition vs. transform

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Manager was clearly unprepared, not happy, and under pressure to be somewhere else. Uninterested soft-ball questions. Told later in the rejection by HR how I should be “honored” to be considered. I guess not “honored” enough to confirm the appointment with the Manager or Director or to even have an engaged interview.

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