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Associate Business Intelligence Analyst Developer was asked...October 28, 2011

Whats the difference between inner join and outer join?

2 Answers

Inner Join returns values where the key between the two tables are the same, and values are present in both tables. Outer Join returns the Values from both tables, based on the key, even if there is not any data the joining table. If not value is available, then NULL is returned for that specific Row Data based on the Key Less

Specified in the WHERE clause, joins simply combine data from multiple tables in the result. INNER JOIN, the most common, returns the rows for which the given ON condition is satisfied for both tables. LEFT/RIGHT OUTER JOIN statements return all the rows from the specified table regardless if there is a match in the unspecified table, with the matching rows specified in the ON condition in the unspecified table. Less

Denver Public Schools

What is the most used Java class?

1 Answers

The Object class, as it is the base class of all other Java classes. Not really difficult or tricky, if given a little thought. Less

Goldman Sachs

Given 9 ball with only one differ in weight, how to find out by measuring them only twice?

4 Answers

The above is so stupid...even Galileo knew that couldn't happen...and that was over 300 years ago... Less

In theory, if you do the experiment in air, it is possible.

Take 3 balls each. Weigh by keeping 3 on one side and three on other and keep the remaining 3 aside. 1. If the weigh comes as equal u know the ball with diff in weight is in the three kept aside. So again weigh by keeping one of the three on one side and one on other . If equal the third one is the one that differs in weight else ur weighing machine will tell u the one which differs in weight. 2. If initial weighing is not equal follow step one for the weigh which shows the diff Less

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Bank of America

Most of them were basic questions. One was " Write down Java classes and methods that you required for a Transaction" "How do you convey a Technical banking transaction to a street man"

3 Answers

how do you convey a technical banking transaction to a street man? Can someone answer this?! Less

so what are the classes and methods required for a transaction?

I think every one knew it.

Goldman Sachs

From which maximum floor can you throw an egg without breaking it?

3 Answers

Can you be more specific on ....breaking "it"? Does it mean the floor or egg?

That is the trick here. The "it" refers to the floor here. So no matter how many floors above you go, an egg would never break the floor when it hits. Less

through which recruiter/staffing agency did you apply?

Bank of America

Swap two numbers while not using the temp variable.

3 Answers

a = a+b; b = a -b; a= a- b;

using the XOR operator

a = a ^ b b = a ^ b a = a ^ b This will avoid over flows which might come in addition steps Less

Allston Trading

Given a m*n matrix with values -1 or 1, try to flip the values in a given row and a given line efficiently.

3 Answers

R: given row, C: given column for i = 0 to m: Matrix(i, C) *= -1 for j = 0 to n: Matrix(R, j) *= -1 Matrix(R, C) *= -1 Less

you can get even more efficiency if you go down to the bit level, since multiplication is expensive. python code follows: let's call the matrix M, and the given row and column r,c respectively for i in range(0,m): M[i][c] = ~M[i][c] + 1 for j in range(0,n): M[i][r] = ~M[i][r] + 1 Less


Casale Media

How would you check how many instances of a process is running given part of a name of that process? Had no idea how to answer this.

2 Answers

Use a command with a pipe in it (Linux).

ps -ef | grep *file_name*


very bakwaas questions but i will suggest that don't go there.

2 Answers

very normally.

Yes guys its simply true. Don't just go there...Its waste of time, don't waste your time, and we too should have to take responsibility to teach lesson for companies like this. Less

4th Quarter Technologies

Difference between delete and truncate, questions based on skills mentioned in resume

2 Answers

Truncate for remove any row or any object from table, Delete for removing table permanently. Less

Truncate: 1. It is DDL Command. 2. Doesn't delete specific record. 3. Where keyword not supported. 4. Permanent Deletion. 5. Rollback not possible. 6. It is fast. 7. Reset Identity Property. Delete: 1. It is DML Command. 2. Possible to delete specific record 3. Where keyword is supported. 4. Temporary Deletion. 5. Roll back possible. 6. It is slow. 7. It is Reset identity property. Less

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