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What are your courses in Master's?

1 Answer

How have your previous experiences helped shape you as an engineer?

I did have to promise not to say what the interview questions were, so I won't "directly" say what I was asked. But just google sample structured interview/STAR questions. You pretty much can find lists of questions that will be asked. Basically, think about a) what experiences prepped you for the position, b) what work have you done relating to the position (problem solving, CAD, weight/cost analysis), c) how you have been able to work in groups and manage others' skills/issues...etc. Just look sample questions up online and you'll find them :p

Draw the stress strain curve and the S-N Curve.

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None were too difficult as I recall. Really I think the answer to any question is the best answer you can think of at that time.

Why did you choose to attend the school you attended?

Compare the stiffness of the following three structures: moment frame, braced frame, shear wall.

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