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resume and school studies (Fatigue, stress Analysis)

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Be yourself

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They gave me a simple FEA (finite element analysis) problem to work through at home that covered a range of analysis types to test my knowledge and asked me to create a presentation summarizing the results and present it during my interview. It was a good way for me to be able to showcase my skills and allow for further discussion.

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What is strain?

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Draw the stress strain curve and the S-N Curve.

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What is something you don't like about yourself

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starts with basic HR questions, then technical question.. SFD, BMD, Fatique, Fail safe, safe life damage tolarance

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Detailed work experiences.

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Firstly, you will be asked to explain about yourself, your skills, your experience and your achievements.

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What's the stress on a unit cube subject to 5 psi of pressure?

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I can't remember specific questions.

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