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Some of the tasks you'll be required to perform are routine and monotonous. How will you deal with such routine tasks?

2 Answers

Mastering routine work allows me to complete tasks effectively in a high throughput manner. Hopefully, this will afford me with free time to learn and master more challenging techniques and better assist the team.

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What is Ohm's Law?

4 Answers

What's your flaw?

1 Answer

What makes you think you are the strongest candidate for this position?

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Explain a time at a previous job where you disagreed with your manager, and how did you handle it?

1 Answer

When was a time where someone was not happy with the service I provided and how did I follow up.

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Why PVH?

1 Answer

The types of questions asked were about how much and the type of the work I did on projects in college. Also, about how I attack problems. The manager was very interested in how much I can actually accomplish working on a task.

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Basic get to know interviewee questions. What would you do / not do scenarios. Strengths. Weaknesses. Prioritization.

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What leadership skills I posses and how I had came to have those skills.

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