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  • In honor of Pride Month, we celebrate our colleagues and allies who are part of the LGBTQIA+ networking group at Esri. The purpose of this grassroots, employee-led group is to offer a sense of community, advocate for positive change, and encourage pride in diverse identities. 🏳️‍🌈 We salute you for helping to connect employees, learning from one another, and celebrating together!

  • Esri partnered with University of Redlands for a community tree giveaway recently in celebration of World Environment Day! We gave out around 15,000 trees to local residents and beyond to plant in their yard, at a school, or in a park 🌳 “Climate change involves all of us. Personal and local actions can make a big difference.” - Jack Dangermond, Esri President. Learn more about the event!

  • In honor of World Ocean Week, we recognize Dr. Dawn Wright, Esri’s Chief Scientist, for her unwavering dedication to the health and future of our oceans. “Even though the ocean is a victim of climate change, it’s also a powerful source of solutions. But we cannot garner those solutions unless the ocean is much more fully explored and protected,” she says. Dr. Wright is also a courtesy GIS/oceans professor at Oregon State University, an avid cyclist, and an even bigger Lego fan. Thank you, Dawn, and the entire virtual oceans team at Esri, for your important work! Explore Esri’s ocean resources hub 🌊

  • Meet Peter, a senior software development engineer on the ArcGIS Pro team! “I held a variety of odd jobs before landing here, ranging from PL/SQL programmer to wildland firefighter. Just before joining Esri, I worked in San Bernardino as a contractor for the Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton. I would fly around the base in a little tin-can airplane taking pictures of controlled-burn scars, and later I'd compile maps from these photos using ArcMap. I was really captivated by programming once again, so I decided to get back into it immediately, and found my way into Esri.” Thank you for all your hard work these past 14 years, Peter!

  • In hopes of creating something uplifting that would bring others joy during this uncertain time, our colleague, Karisa, created the A World of Hearts app. “I had seen #aworldofhearts movement on social, where communities are coming together to share hearts in their windows, sidewalk chalk art, rose gardens, etc. and I saw the commonality of geography. I decided to build an app to share hearts around the world, for every heart has a place and a purpose.” Thank you to Karisa for creating this storymap and for spreading the love! Check out the map and add your own heart ❤️🌎

  • “I am deeply optimistic, even as we collectively respond to the challenges of the current crisis, about the ability of humans to come together and build a future of sustainable prosperity.” - Jack Dangermond, President. Read the article on Forbes:

  • Meet Piyali, a solution engineer based out of our office in New York! As part of our local government team, she works with city agencies and partners to solve real-world challenges by leveraging geography and implementing modern, location-based strategies and systems. 🌎 “The day-to-day work can be very dynamic and fast-paced. Each day can span many different [government] entities, engagement levels, technology solutions, and civic themes. My favorite part about the job is that I don’t work alone. Thanks to Esri’s ‘One Esri’ motto, I have a great team, and thousands of energetic colleagues ready to help. Esri’s company culture, which emphasizes compassion and collaboration, is more important now than ever as we continue to weather the impacts of COVID-19 and other events together.”

  • Meet Caitlyn, a technical consultant who focuses on trends in the ocean and maritime space! She works with a wide range of customers, providing advice and technical expertise to help bring them to success. “When I see the impacts of my work, it’s really in the success of the customers that I work with. If I can get a person that I’m working with to be successful, that to me is an impact on the mission statement of Esri.” Watch the full video to learn more about Caitlyn’s #EsriExperience!

  • Meet Juan Carlos, a software development engineer on the ArcGIS API for JavaScript team! He shares the positive impact that he and his team have made on our technology by developing widgets that help Esri users. When talking to customers, he really enjoys hearing about the projects that they’re developing and seeing Esri products in action. Watch the full video to learn more about Juan Carlos’s #EsriExperience!

  • Meet Marcella, our Director of Digital Sales! She has been with Esri for over 10 years and has grown through different opportunities during her time here, including roles within inside sales and account management. Marcella is also a part of WeCan, the Women’s Empowerment & Career Advancement Network at Esri. “Having something like WeCan being supported from all levels says a lot about our culture – we are supportive, we are open, we are very highly encouraged by diversity...” Watch the full video to learn more about Marcella's #EsriExperience!

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