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  • There’s a reason why Philips’ Lawrence Chia calls his colleagues heroes. While they might not have the superpowers you could expect, every day these heroes are driven by a sense of purpose to innovate and help others have a better quality of life. Want to join the heroes’ squad at Philips?

  • Who said digital transformation is meant to be easy? It’s not, especially for big corporates. Likewise, it’s tough to win the IoT platform war & become a partner of choice for large companies undergoing massive disruption. Philips' Senior VP Connected Digital Propositions Liat Ben-Zur considers why the time is right to reinvent the IoT platform landscape so everyone can win:

    Dear IoT Platform Vendors, Please Read This - liat benzur - Medium

    Note: This article was first published on liatbenzur blog. The Problems with IoT Platform Adoption (A Corporate Perspective) 1: For Large Corporates, Digital Transformation Is Often Slow and Painful Many large corporates across multiple verticals today are being disrupted by the convergence of wireless, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Why is the human touch more important in AI than technology? Philips’ Chief Technology Officer Henk van Houten explains why adapting technology to people’s needs must be a driving force in developing meaningful healthcare innovations.

    Why AI in healthcare needs a focus on people, not technology

    As with any technological trend, there's a tendency in the debate about AI to focus on technology and what it can do. But as with any change driven by technology, the hardest part is not the technology itself. The hardest part is getting that technology to work in a way that is accepted, trusted, and embraced by people.

  • As a sales professional, you may be used to the word “change”. We asked a Philips sales leader, Chris Massoll, for his best advice to those experiencing unexpected changes in their sales job.

    A Medical Device Sales Leader Shares His Best Advice - Philips

    Change is a constant in most industries, particularly in medical device sales. Innovation happens rapidly. The landscape is always evolving, whether through mergers and acquisitions or the introduction of products. As you grow in your career, you'll aspire to reach higher goals and encounter shifts like taking on a new territory.

  • Congratulations, you've received your first "real job" offer to start your career.  But salary is just one part of all of the incredible things a company provides that you have to understand. How do you evaluate everything you're being offered beyond salary?   "

    4 benefits to consider when evaluating a job offer - Philips

    Between student loans and paying rent, salary will always be a top concern when evaluating a job offer. But keep in mind that salary is just one part of all of the incredible things a company can offer you.

  • What makes stellar resumes stand out? Philips recruiters offered advice on what should go on a resume and what shouldn't.

    Think you know how to write the perfect resume - Philips

    While writing a resume is undoubtedly challenging, there are certain CV faux pas that can be easily avoided to improve your application and chances for landing the job you want. Whether that means omitting third person or submitting two pages, the strongest resume shines a light on your unique skills and experience with succinct clarity.

  • What happens when art and health meet? An innovative partnership between Philips and the renowned Rijksmuseum inspires healthy living by highlighting the importance of fruit and vegetables in our diets. Learn more - and eat more fruit and veg ;)

    The Case of the Missing Fruit - Philips and Rijksmuseum work some magic to inspire healthy living

    Philips and the Rijksmuseum bring together the ingredients for a healthy life to highlight the importance of fruit and vegetable consumption Amsterdam, the Netherlands - Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, has announced its 'Dutch Masterjuices' campaign, in partnership with the renowned Rijksmuseum, to highlight the importance of fruit and vegetable consumption.

  • Forbes magazine describes Philips’ newest healthtech partnership as the "perfect combination" of a smart device, ultrasound and telemedicine, driving a new level of collaboration and connected care. Learn more

    A Smart Device, Ultrasound, And Telemedicine Combine To Drive A New Level of Collaboration And Care

    Share to email Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin Share to google Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. It's sorta like peanut butter and jelly-a combination that just works and is a perennial favorite in the sandwich world. And now, you might just be able to say that for digital health too.

  • Good design has the power to transform healthcare, both inside and outside the hospital, says Philips’ chief design officer Sean Carney. Read Fortune magazine's piece examining how Philips' investment in design is helping to revolutionize healthcare:

    Design Saves Lives, Says Sean Carney of Royal Philips

    Europe's largest electronics maker believes design, artificial intelligence and big data will revolutionize the way we treat patients.

  • Are you an eager college student that’s ready to start your career off with a bang?  Learn more about Philips and how we have transformed our business from making TV’s to becoming a global leader in health technology.

    19 Companies Where You Can Start Your Career Off Right

    If you're new to the workforce and want to start your career right, look no further than these 19 companies. They're all hiring entry-level positions right now, and they also place a lot of emphasis on training and development-making them perfect places to grow your brand new career!

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