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  • If you still think of Philips as a light bulb and TV manufacturer you're in for a big surprise... We've been through a massive transformation. Check out the infographic to find out where we are today! #LifeAtPhilips #makelifebetter

    Think you know Philips? Think again.

    Over the last eight years, Philips has undertaken a profound transformation from being a (lagging) diversified industrial holding company to a focused, vibrant leader in health technology.

  • Are you just beginning a career? That first full-time job can be daunting if you’re new to the workforce. Patricia Susino Llano, Junior Analyst at Philips, shares her experiences and some lessons learned. Career starters out there, take note! #LifeAtPhilips #career

    Kickstarting your career with Philips | Philips

    A supportive work culture makes a big difference when starting your first job. The transition to full-time work can be a challenging experience when juggling new responsibilities and the uncertainty of what to expect. So, what does a career journey look like at Philips?

  • Finding your passion can happen at any stage throughout your career. Regardless of when it happens, the right employer can make all the difference. Philips’ Account Manager of Imaging Systems Izmir Congo shares how his passion for healthcare saw him make the change from consulting biomedical engineer to sales. His story of how he made the switch is not what you might expect. #lifeatphilips #career #makelifebetter

    Izmir's story: How a passion for healthcare turned into a career | Philips

    We've asked Izmir Congo, Account Manager of Imaging Systems, Philips Australia and New Zealand, to share how his passion for healthcare led to a career at Philips. at Philips

  • CFO and long-time Philips employee Abhijit Bhattacharya has some sage advice when it comes to learning about how a company truly operates. He shared some of his insights and best career experiences in two recent interviews. Read them here. #lifeatphilips #career

    Philips CFO Abhijit Bhattacharya shares some of his best career experiences

    In two interviews in the Dutch and Indian press prior to the summer break, Philips CFO Abhijit Bhattacharya discusses his long career at Philips, together with his most important learnings and most rewarding personal experiences. For Abhijit, being a CFO means 'making finance as simple as possible for business managers by helping them to identify the levers they have to pull to improve their performance'.

  • A life-changing health issue in his own family motivated Philips’ Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer Jeroen Tas to make the shift to healthcare and use his expertise to have a real impact on people’s lives. He spoke to Forbes about how unlocking his personal purpose helps him support Philips in its mission to improve the lives of three billion people a year by 2030. Read the interview. #lifeatphilips #makelifebetter

    The Power Of Purpose: How Jeroen Tas And Philips Are Creating Healthcare With Empathy

    When Jeroen Tas was faced with his daughter's life-changing health issue, it spurred him to think about the broken system of healthcare he was dealing with-and how he could make a difference.

  • If you’re about to start your first job looking after your mental health is essential preparation for managing change and new beginnings. With so many unknowns, the transition from student to professional can be unsettling. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are five ways to strengthen emotional resilience and boost confidence as you kick-start your career.

    Life At Philips Career Blog

    Feeling apprehensive about what's next? You are not alone. at Philips

  • Interviews are as much about the candidate making sure the company is a good fit as vice-versa. Align expectations straight away, and you can be sure of having a long and happy career ahead…

    Life At Philips Career Blog

    Noël Benitez, is Talent Acquisition Manager at Philips. Here, Noël shares her three top issues to consider before turning up for your next job interview. at Philips

  • Every day we work to make life better for people around the world. And then there are those unexpected moments when we feel our impact a little closer to home. Our colleagues share their stories. #lifeatphilips #notjustajob

  • It was no ordinary day at work for Philips’ employee Thomas Hagebols when he and fellow young data scientists Joost and Khaterah sat down with Jeroen Tas, Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer. Watch them talk about technology opportunities in healthcare. And prepare to learn more about why there’s never been a better time for young talent to bring big ideas to life in the digital healthcare space. #lifeatphilips #makelifebetter #career

  • Wouldn’t be great if your job could help improve the lives of billions of people around the world, while also protecting our planet? That’s what we do at Philips: while we strive to make the world healthier, we do our best to protect the planet we live in. Want to know some facts about sustainability at Philips? Check out the infographic. #lifeatPhilips #sustainability

    Sustainability infographic

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