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Updated Jan 16, 2022

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I applied through a recruiter. I interviewed at Meta in Aug 2021


Reached out by recruiter. Technical screening, 1hr, 5 python, 5 SQL You will be able to see the test cases as you're coding. For SQL questions you can query the database to check the data. I got 9.5 out of 10 questions correct. The last SQL questions I got incorrect, but the interviewer said my logic looked right. Waiting for response.

Interview Questions
  • Write a function to return the number of times a character appears in a string. The character can be the empty string.
    3 Answers
  • Complete a function that returns a list containing mismatched words in two strings. The return list can be in any order. I used set to solve this question, but was also asked to verbally explain how I would solve it without using sets.
  • Given an array containing None values, fill in the array with the most recent None value. If the list starts with None, then don't do anything to it.
  • Given a dictionary, print the key for nth highest value present in the dict. If there are more than 1 record present for nth highest value then sort the key and print the first one (alphabetically). N can be higher than the number of elements in the dictionary.
  • Given a list of ints, balance the list so that each int appears equally in the list. Return a dictionary where the key is the int and the value is the count needed to balance the list. [1, 1, 2] => {2: 1} [1, 1, 1, 5, 3, 2, 2] => {5: 2, 3: 2, 2: 1}
  • What percent of all products in the grocery chain's catalog are both low fat and recyclable?
  • What are the top five (ranked in decreasing order) single-channel media types that correspond to the most money the grocery chain had spent on its promotional campaigns? media_type can contain mutliple values seperated by a comma, so single channel is when media_type only has one value.
  • Percent of sales that had a valid promotion, the VP of marketing wants to know what percent of transactions occur on either the very first day or the very last day of a promotion campaign.
  • Write a query that returns product_family, units_sold, percentage of promoted.
  • Write a query that returns percentage of unsold product_category.
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I applied online. The process took 4 days. I interviewed at Meta


Tech Screen covering SQL and coding in coder pad, 45 minutes timing interviewer was nice and helpful questions were not tricky or misleading in any way at all. Behavioral question at the end of the interview.

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Facebook (Meta)

Took a paycut going into Meta - $305k TC to $270k. Also had an AP offer for $370k. Decided to go with Meta as I wanted to scratch the industry/FAANG itch. Ive really struggled because the role hasn’t panned out as expected, and the only benefit has been WLB. Should i go back out into market? Only been 6 months at the new role