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Describe your team work experience. What was your role in the team?

I ran a small event planning company in college and performed multiple sales internships which was the basis for most of the questions. EX: What was your favorite part about selling, being in front of the customer discussing products and pricing or more of the logistics and putting together orders?

Describe a time you received critical feedback and how you responded. Describe a time you had to make a tough decision that could've had negative consequences. Of all the finance/banking/investment companies in Charlotte, why come to Vanguard? Which current news events could have an impact on Vanguard?

Nothing too difficult--make sure to use the STAR method! They have a template to fill out to make sure you address each of the aspects (S, T, A, and R).

How do you handle high stress jobs? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Basic questions about financial terms e.g. what is a bond, stock, exchange rates? Also many behavioral questions e.g How do you get a team motivated?

Tell me about a time where you failed and how you reacted.

Google some general behavioral questions and you will be fine.

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