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Design patterns questions

10 Answers

Hi Did you get a call for Onsite for this position? I have it on Monday i.e 03-25.If you went through onsite interview.Please share your experience

I dint get a call for on site yet. When was your 1st interview?

It was on 03-14.Within 2 days they scheduled for onsite interview.By the way what all design pattern questions they asked you in first round?I was asked only Observer Pattern and Singleton Pattern

How would you architect a new data warehouse/pipeline solution?

1 Answer

What is the Use of pipe (|) in Unix

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How will you deal with a situation in which you have to work with the technology that you are not familiar with.

Design Facebook graph search with basic implementation. Create/ implement a chat server, searching a rotated sorted tree.

How you would code for AES256 encryption? They were encountering this with one of their current clients and wanted to know how I had done in my previous projects.

Phone Screen: Basic behavioral questions. Nothing you wouldn't expect. On-site interview: Hadoop architecture Hive, Pig questions Speculative execution How to handle NameNode failure? Find second highest salary(SQL) Why Medidata? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Discussed at length about the volunteer/social work experience from resume Bubble sort code Find pairs in an array whose sum is divisible by a certain number. Find number of occurrences of a character in a character array. How do you check the task ID of a process? How do you check if a service is installed in windows? What is MUTEX and semaphore? Was asked to answer a few Java questions on paper.(Most were basic questions) * What are web services? * What is Maven? Something about Maven targets was also asked. * What is the use of volatile keyword? * What are atomic classes in Java concurrency API? * Difference between final/finally/finalize * Name three design patterns

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