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Greatest weakness?

1 Answer

Just spin it into a positive of course

Why do you feel you could be beneficial to our company?

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none - in fact, virtually nothing of substance was asked.

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Describe a situation of difficulty and how you managed to get through it Describe a situation where you had conflict with your coworkers

Do you prefer to ask permission or ask for forgiveness? Can you give an example of time when you had to persevere through an assignment or project even though the odds seemed stacked against you? Can you give an example of a time when you might have had conflict with the way a coworker handled a situation and how you handled it? Tell me about your biggest success at work and tell me about your biggest failure. They kept stressing that they were looking for someone who could be a leader.

I was brought in by a staffing agency. The most difficult question is would is your long term goal over the next 5 years.

What days could you work? What is your expected pay rate? When could you start?

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They asked about my previous jobs, school experiences and overall life experiences. Why did I want to work for their company and what about me would pull me apart from the other interviewees. They asked to give examples of how I handled a particular conflict at work. What did I think my strengths and weaknesses were.

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