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How do you find the max depth of a binary tree?

5 Answers

I used recursion, passing the current depth to each child and returning the max value they returned plus one to the caller.

how about bfs?

breadth first search will be better than the recursion method for min-depth searching, but works same as recursive in the case of finding max depth problem

They asked me to rate my skills as a developer. They went through the technologies they use and asked me how much I knew conceptually and practically about each of them. Think out of 10s ratings.

1 Answer

Given two rectangles on a plane, determine if they are overlapping.

1 Answer

project manager asked me . what you will be after 5 years? . and tell me about your career . i got phone call from project manager . and schedule time to make interview .I got number and area of company and i have gone to it . Interview was good

1 Answer

Was I willing to relocate?

1 Answer

If you were given an aggressive deadline to complete a project, how would you approach it?

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Describe collision detection technique for lots of objects in a scene.

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They just asked me a ton of Unity Questions, as well as some simple game design ones.

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The most unexpected question was the paired-programming question. I am still unclear about what I was supposed to do.

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Like the other reviewer, I was asked to produce a test project for them.

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