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How do you find the max depth of a binary tree?

5 Answers

I used recursion, passing the current depth to each child and returning the max value they returned plus one to the caller.

how about bfs?

breadth first search will be better than the recursion method for min-depth searching, but works same as recursive in the case of finding max depth problem

The most unexpected question was the paired-programming question. I am still unclear about what I was supposed to do.

1 Answer

What did you do in ( difficult, bad, unexpected,) situation? ( Asked 10 times) Weakness, Strengths All run of the mill questions, big business style.

That one question that every uncreative interviewer who wants to seem creative asks. You know, the one about vertical conveyances.

Given two rectangles on a plane, determine if they are overlapping.

1 Answer

Why are you interested in the video game industry

1 Answer

Skills test requiring C++, numerical methods, and 3d math

1 Answer

Describe how you would make a game run at a faster framerate

Of course I can't talk about the question outright, but it was described as a "brain teaser" by the the engineering interviewer who asked it. It involved the description of a simple real-world game with quarters, and I was asked to provide an optimal solution to maximize my chances of winning.

1 Answer
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