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how much do you make per year currently?

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What does the job offer, do you have a range?

what is the lowest you will accept, and he offered an acceptable amount in line with today's base salaries for the position?

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You never did tell me how much you make, what do you want for money?

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If you were designing a multi-threaded program to crunch numbers and do highly cpu intensive processing would you expect a single threaded program to do better or one using 50 threads and why?

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No IT related questions unless you call questions about Gaming related.

Did I work with design patterns.

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The phone interview questions were: Various questions about using STL containers and algorithms, C++ theory questions (allocation of memory, references, exceptions, stack unraveling, copy constructors, operator overloading, etc.), Count the number of 0s in an integer, Fibonnacci number (both recursively and iteratively and O(x) of each), write a function that rounds a float to the nearest int.

Have you ever programmed in c#?

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That's ok. Can you start tomorrow?

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