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Interview process will take a few weeks from start to finish.

teach me something

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Hiring manager kept testing my knowledge of Lean Six Sigma methodologies, however this was not listed as a requirement on the job posting. Also asked several situational types questions, i.e. what would you do if an employee showed up to work who appeared to be drunk.

The most unexpected question was "Describe your worst day personally or professionally". It definitely gave the interviewer a chance to see your vulnerable side.

How do you get people from different depts to work together more cohesively? What do you do above and beyond to show a client how important they are? How do you deal with a customer who is not happy with your resolution to their problem? How do you prioritize duties / tasks? What do you do when a customer with a problem doesn't know what they want? How did you overcome adversity with a project, what was it and how did you do it? Tell me about an idea you had to improve something at your work. How did you handle a project where you had to determine what role people played? Tell me about a time you had last minute changes to a project and how did you handle it? How did you handle a project that didn't meet a deadline? How do you handle an overload of work being given to you? How did you show urgency when resolving a problem?

How do you handle difficult/upset clients?

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What was a difficult task that you accomplished and when did you know you had hit a turning point?

Talk about a time you suffered a hardship and how you dealt with it?

Why would you like to work for AllPlayers?

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