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No challenging questions were asked.

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This agency has extremely high turnover and staff morale is very poor, it can be attributed to the CEO that started in the summer of 2015. have you seen the poor reviews on Indeed? There is a reason for that.

haha, why am i not surprised, this ceo is the reason i quit as a development coordinator, he never had any clear direction, was a liar and made stuff up as he went aloing

why am i not surprised??? the ceo is a lying, manipulative little man.

Tell us about an experience you had where you had to handle a mistake you made or blame that a stakeholder laid on you.

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Describe a time that you worked with a coworker to overcome an obstacle.

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How do you deal with ambiguous situations?

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How would you go about segmenting a list of donors for a major event?

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Do you have fundraising experience

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Ability to create and deliver professional development training.

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The most difficult and unexpected part of my interview experience was two fold: 1) I was interviewed by both the individual members of senior staff and by a group panel; 2) The test contain numerous assignments; I could not complete all of them within the allocated 2 hours. Some of the assignments were complicated and/or not entirely clear, and I had to ask for clarifications. It was unnerving to do that but I was happy I did. At the end of the test, several members of the senior staff went over my assignments with me and asked additional related questions.

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What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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What WNYC programs do you like?

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