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Methodist Children's Home Society
Development and Marketing Coordinator was asked...July 7, 2017

No challenging questions were asked.

4 Answers

This agency has extremely high turnover and staff morale is very poor, it can be attributed to the CEO that started in the summer of 2015. have you seen the poor reviews on Indeed? There is a reason for that. Less

haha, why am i not surprised, this ceo is the reason i quit as a development coordinator, he never had any clear direction, was a liar and made stuff up as he went aloing Less

why am i not surprised??? the ceo is a lying, manipulative little man.

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Colorado Public Radio

Tell us about an experience you had where you had to handle a mistake you made or blame that a stakeholder laid on you.

3 Answers

At my last occupation, I did a lot of payroll. I did not submit PTO for one of the employees who than was short paid. I had to own it and explain what had happen. Overnighted his PTO hours with a paycheck. Less

Anything to make the customer happy

Or employee

Year Up

How would you describe Year Up and what they do to friends or family?

2 Answers

It provides long life wishes.

I will enjoyed very well with my friends and family but don't nagleted my education Less


What is your typical way of dealing with conflict? Give me an example.

1 Answers

I got this error message B4 I even began my answer! Is that a GLITCH? When dealing with conflict, I first listen hard to the other person or people on the other side of the issue to be sure I understand what their argument is, and try to determine their openmindedness to hear another perspective. I then lay out my case and hear their response. I either sell them on my side, get sold on their point of view, or compromise to make both sides as sanguine as possible, so that it is no longer a "them vs me" but a side-by-side team going forward. Less


How can Curology improve?

2 Answers

Honestly, as other reviewers have stated I would be wary of how much free advice you give out to Curology at this point. They seem to get plenty of great ideas from the Case Studies they require from candidates and their interviews. Less

Yes. they have interviewers go through case studies and presents them. Sounds like free advice for them. Less

What do you know about the Victoria Symphony?

1 Answers

I had read the website thoroughly, so I had a lot to say about the programming and fundraising. They especially seemed to like that I know the name of the music director and that I had attended Symphony Splash, which is one of their really big events. Less

Guardian News & Media

How do you prioritise your workload?

1 Answers

I make a list, revise the list throughout the day (bearing in mind deadlines) and if possible, delegate less urgent tasks. Less

MD24 House Call

Mostly situational and experience questions.

1 Answers

Be able to give them evidence of past successes to ensure the fit

NAMI Eastside

Do you have a vehicle?

1 Answers

Yes because while I knew a vehicle was NOT necessary for the job and public transit legally qualifies as reliable transportation, I sensed this question woulf have gotten me disqualified. Less

Remote Medical International

How do you deal with ambiguous situations?

1 Answers

I enjoy solving puzzles and researching solutions. Ambiguity makes work more interesting for me, because it means I will rarely be doing routine, predictable (boring) projects. Less

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