Program Coordinator Interview Questions

Program Coordinator Interview Questions

"Employers looking for program coordinators want applicants with the organizational skills to coordinate multiple projects that make up a company program. As a program coordinator you will be responsible for organizing meetings among members of multiple projects, updating program goals, and ensuring that all participating projects are communicating with one another. Expect interviewers to ask about your experience with coordinating tasks for multiple group projects as well your critical thinking, problem solving, and leadership skills."

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Duke University
Program Coordinator was asked...October 20, 2015

How would you handle multiple projects at once?

1 Answers

Through organizational methods that I use personally (i.e. making lists) and also using company resources that are created to help with office efficiency and planning. Less

Santa Clara University

How would you handle the many competing events and production deadlines of the program's initiatives, and how do you handle adversity and emergency.

1 Answers

I keep an extremely complicated calendar, and I have a great deal of experience with both Microsoft Exchange Server calendar accesses and Google services. Less

Sprinkles Cupcakes

If your FOH team is low on energy how do you motivate them to do better?

1 Answers

By setting goals in the beginning of the day and reminding the employees how close we are to completing them and reasserting them with positive encouragement. Less

The Johns Hopkins University

Q. How would you handle a faculty member that might be a little bit difficult?

1 Answers

I would let them say what they need to say, either in person or via email, and once they stated whatever they were having an issue with, I would approach the issue carefully. I have found in these instances that it is generally that the faculty member may feel as though no one is listening to them and their needs. Once you listen to them, that diffuses the situation exponentially. Less

Better Living Counseling Services

What do you do when a child you are working with says they want to hurt himself?


If you're the CEO, what are the first three things you check about the business when you wake up?

63 Answers

1) are our employees safe and sound, 2) are there any major customer issues or service problems, 3) What is new happening in the world and our industry today Less

As CEO I don't need to micromanage. I'd check the news, weather, and email.

1: How happy are your employees. 2: How happy are you customers. 3: Where are we wasting time and money and how can it be improved. Less

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You are on a game show. There are three doors, behind one of which is a prize and the other two is a chunk of coal, and the host knows which door holds the prize. You choose door #1. Before it is opened, the host opens door #3 and reveals a lump of coal. You have the choice to stick with the door you chose originally or switch to door #2. What do you do?

18 Answers

Interview Candidate and Anonymous are right. This is also known as the Monte Hall problem Less

Your choice splits the doors in two sets. Set A contains the door you selected, and the probability that is a prize behind this door is 1/3. The set B contains all remaining doors, and the probability that the winning door is somewhere in there is 2/3. By removing one door, which all have the success probability of zero because there's coal behind them, from set B, only one door remains in B, but the overall probability for success in set B is still 2/3. Therefore you must switch. Less

Interview candidate is right. You got 1/3 chance that prize is behind door #1 and you lose if you switch. And you got 2/3 chance that prize is behind either door #2 or #3. Since the host will always eliminate the wrong one. 2/3 chance will be allocated on the left one. Less

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You are on a desert island, and all you have is a pair of dice. You know that a plane flies over the island on the 30th day of the month. Using the dice, how can you make a calendar that always tells you the day of the month?

12 Answers

Using two digits in "base 6" you can count up to 35. Typically base 6 would use digits 0 to 5, but in this case you can adjust and use 1 through 6. Less

How about... Dice 1: each pip equals 1 day: 1 pip =1 day, 2 pips = 2 days, etc. Dice 2 each pip equals 5 days: 1 pip = 5 days, 2 pips = 10 days 3 pips = 15 days etc. Die 2 is always to the left of Die 1. For days less than or equal to 5 use 1 die. When counting a day that is a multiple of 5 (days 5,10,15 etc.) count day by putting Die to 5 pips and Die 2 to the remaining number of days. Less

@Rikesh: How will you indicate 17, 18, 19, 20, 27, 28, 29, 30. Here is what i think... D D 6*0+1=1 6*0+2=2 6*0+3=3 .. 6*0+6=6 6*1+1=7 6*1+2=8 .. 6*1+6=12 6*2+1=13 6*2+2=14 .. 6*2+6=18 6*3+1=19 6*3+2=20 Less

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You have a cake. How many straight cuts do you need to divide the cake into 8 equal pieces?

9 Answers

It depends on the shape of the cake.

3 First 0 degree Second 90 degree No I have 4 have equal parts. Third From the Centre height wise. (Z-axis) Now I have 8 equal parts. Less

With 4 straight cuts through 0, 45, 90, and 135 degrees You can cut the cake into 8 equal pieces Less

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Tim Hortons

What was the last thing you googled?

8 Answers

The address of a company I was interested in applying to; needed to determine if the commute was reasonable. It was, so I applied. Less

The company I'm applying for. I wanted to find out their mission statement and general work activities to find out if it was a good fit for me. Less

A Banana Split. I actually leered at it, more than goggled it...

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