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1) What editor/IDE do I use for Android Development? Then some very basic Java/Android programming questions with 1 slightly more difficult one.

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My answer to the IDE question was: Eclipse. In Feb 2014 when I interviewed, this was the only production released IDE supported for Android. She responded: that's not what they are looking for, what is another IDE you have used? I said, have only used eclipse for production software because it is the supported IDE for Android, I have tried IntelliJ, but not very long. The correct answer was Android Studio, and even by mentioning IntelliJ (which is what Android Studio is based on and works the same). Keep in mind that at the time Android studio was at version 0.4 and very much still alpha software along with crashes and other MAJOR issues. At the time that I did this interview they should have throwing out anyone that said they use alpha software development tools to develop software, that's just plain stupid!

Later in the process she called back because she forgot to ask me one *very* important question: What is the name of the service Google uses for Push notifications?

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What are the various ways an Android developer can apply multi-threading to their app? Be specific, and give examples.

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Most of the conversation was like two engineers talking about various Android fundamentals, UI concepts and patterns.

Environment in which I am comfortable with and various challenges I faced in my earlier projects

Why did your sample project do x instead of y....

Android: how many processes in Android and what they response to? How exactly push notification works from start to end, leading you to the application. Threads questions.

Why did you choose to use a card view instead of a normal list item in your sample?

All the interviews were very technical and intense Android specific.

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