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What do you like to do at your spare time with regards to software?

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writing open source, blogging, attending presentations

Most difficult was probably a moderately complicated SQL query.. at the time I had been doing lots of rails and my head was not in the pure SQL mode at all. It was my fault for not brushing up on that before coming in, but I did my best and talked it out as I wrote it. I got the entirety of the idea correct and the majority of the syntax correct, but some of it was a little railsified out of lack of wholly memorized SQL syntax.

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When you are pulling a large data set & you need to display it on a page, how would you make it more efficient?

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Give me an example when you fixed a performance issue (it was the only question for this interview)


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Technical -

Rails coding challenge: Fork a repository containing a basic skeleton rails app and some instructions, then build out a simple sort of site with login, signup, and authentication functionality for users, jobs associated with users, a searchable listing of jobs belonging to a user, and comments on jobs to be submitted via AJAX.

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How would you create an algorithm to solve a tic-tac-toe game?

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