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Web Developer Interview Questions

Web developer interviews are heavy in technical questions. Expect questions that will test your understanding of relevant programming languages such JavaScript and CSS, general web functions, and design experience with web services like REST and SOAP. As a designer, you will likely be asked to show examples of past projects or websites.

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They presented a demo page and asked me to streamline it to make it more interactive and presentable for a user (open to interpretation).

1 Answer

Using JavaScript/jQuery, I created a simple slideToggle() click event on paragraph headers that collapsed them. I also changed the fonts and font weights to be more readable.

What's in a grunt file and explain what it does

1 Answer

What is a JavaScript callback function?

5 Answers

How would you troubleshoot slow loading web pages and poorly performing stored procedures?

2 Answers

Given a number n where n+1 and n-1 are prime, prove n is divisible by 6

1 Answer

Say there was a function that took 1 second to execute and you needed to run this function 10 million times, how would you cut down on the execution time?

1 Answer

If we wanted to implement a method of tracking every click that the user made on the site, how would we want to do this?

1 Answer

Implement Sum(3)(4)(5)=12 with javascript

15 Answers

Vertically and horizontally center an element on the screen using css.

9 Answers

1) Clustered and Non Clustered (SQL)?

7 Answers
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