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What is your greatest weakness

1 Answer

Don't use the common "My greatest weakness is that I care too much"

Mostly asked about previous experience, but other interviews I've done within the company have involved design patterns and other concepts.

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Tell me about a time when somebody disagreed strongly with a decision of yours. What did you do?

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Do you know Agile and C++

1 Answer

Some standard behavioral questions, then just talked about projects I had worked on and programming languages.

What would you do if you and your team lead disagreed on something?

Talk about your resume, when did you show leadership and more basic behavioral questions.

What is OOP? What is polymorphism? What is inheritance? What is an abstract class? What is FINAL in java? Complete Whizz-bang question you have 13 minutes.

They asked me about previous jobs I had held throughout college and how I handled certain situations above and beyond my job description.

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