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"Given this 'web page' of an interactive calculator where you can insert values and the results be printed to the screen, what methods would you use to 'break' the code?"

2 Answers

Using different browsers, screen resolutions, etc.

That's a good answer, I probably wouldn't have thought of that though. I tried programming a simple calculator in Java once and one of the problems I had was that I had made it work, but then didn't realize I forgot to handle exceptions where a string is entered (assuming the it's a clickable text box that will take num-pad entries). So my answer would have probably been to try to enter a String, rather than an integer. But I'm guessing the question probably assumes that it's not that buggy of a calculator...?

What do you want to do with this major/degree?

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5 aptitude questions they asked me to solve that was unexpected.

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Was asked to program quick-sort in Java.

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What is ARP?

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List the differences between TCP and UDP?

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They asked me questions about networking which I wasnt prepared for. They sent me a list of stuff to study when calling me in for the on-site interview, and that wasnt on there

why this position suits you

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how will you approach if you are give a functional module which is dependent on other modules to work and it fails? how will you determine/find the failing dependent module quickly?

What is regression testing? When should it be used? And what do you do when you find one?

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