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what was the directve for different views in angularjs in html

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Whatever google comes up with

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What is your knowledge of Twitter Bootstrap?

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tell me about yourself

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They asked me about backend technologies and I was unable to answer because that is out of my wheelhouse. I told them this and they laughed it off stating that they didn't know which position I was interviewing for.

Google Fit Interview What was a challenge you had to face recently and how did you overcome it? Two other similar questions that took less than 30 minutes for an hour allotted. Part of which was taken up by interviewer answering phone at beginning. Was OK with that but it felt like interviewer wasn't interested after that.

Disney Fit Interview Lots about JS and AngularJS performance. Wanted to know what other JS Frameworks I knew, making sure I was keeping up with new technologies. NodeJS and Backbone came up a couple of times. Better interview, better questions, but performed by the team's HR reading from prompt. Didn't know much about the project at all.

what's the difference between a Put and Patch? 🤣

How to draw a table in HTML.

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